Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Report from the Magic Challenge Tapings

Here's the rest of Crush!'s report:
Blueprint Cru: Their challenge was to make one person in the crew lighter than air. I thought it was going to be one of them floating for a little while, but it turned out much more than that! They had Nathalie floating about a foot and a half off the ground, then Bboy hero slides through under her, demonstrating there was nothing holding her up. I couldn't figure that one out. What i liked about this performance was that they were telling a story of being in the circus, as the song Funhouse comes into play. The whole crew, except for Nathalie, was part of the circus, and she was a visitor to the circus. They had a group tut session, where some members were hanging upside-down. Also, TL and Vincent do a move, which reminds me of Afroborike. Vince spins her into the air, then TL grabs her foot in mid-air, and she lands gracefully into his arms!

Hype 5-0: Their challenge was that they had to bring an object to life. At first I had thought that they were going to have human-like figure dancing with them, but i was wrong. Instead they were given sticks to dance with. The sticks would move around and pull the crew across the stage.

Jungle Boogie: Their challenge was that they had to pass through a solid object. I thought one of the members was going to pass through another member's body, like SAS did in season three. Once they got help with the illusion, I thought it was the most unique illusion of them all.. They had their classic craking, but it looked like you were fast forwarding it. It was fast! They showed their athleticism with flips over each other.

Poreotix: Their challenge was that they had to control an object with their minds.  They were given a giant box thing with holes to have floating around as they performed. It was exactly like Beat Freak's illusion challenge, only they got to use a huge box with holes instead of the shiny floating ball.  They had ticking, strobing, tutting, and popping in this performance. The part that stood out the most to me was when the members started using the box to attack each other, trying to push each other off the stage; that was pretty dangerous, but entertaining!

I did not like the bottom two this week, since I like all the crews that were left. But I believe the right choice was made on who to send home. Now all I have to look forward to is for Thursday night to watch the episode and relive the illusions! They were awesome!

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