Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Report from the Lady Gaga Challenge Tapings

Here are more excerpts from Crush!'s report from the taping of ABDC's Lady Gaga Challenge:
Blueprint  danced to bad romance, and they started off with the girls hiding in some egg-shaped seats. then the guys come out from the back and turn them around, unveiling the girls. this is when they got HOT!! they told a story showing how they were in a bad romance.   they had the most twisted  choreography. they looked as twisted as Gaga herself, or more! 

Up next was Jungle Boogie! they got video phone and they had to incorporate the chair choreography in the video. they opened up with the girl on top of a guy's shoulders from the crew in a very sexual position.  the ending i thought was hilarious with a unique use of confetti guns...Next was Heavy Impact. their song was Love Game and they chose to dance to the section where Gaga was in the train. They had seats and poles as props and they used them well! The guy with the longest hair was Gaga in this performance... 

After Heavy Impact was Hype 5-0. They got Poker Face and they chose to concentrate on the hand movements on the video.   One of the girls was wearing a long dress and it seemed like she was a giant because the guys were under her dress lifting her up... Next was Poreotix. their song was Paparazzi. they chose to use crutches in their routine.  . they used the lyrics of the song and had pictures of Mario, JC, and Omarion to show their obsession over them... Finally we had Saltare. they got the Just Dance song. They chose to do some marching part that was in the video.They slowed down and sped up to the music and got the crowd cheering. 

  There was no music video premier of Telephone shown to us, but maybe they will air it after the show because the finishing cypher danced to Telephone. Well this episode is a must watch, especially for all the Lady Gaga fans."

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