Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Field report on the Houston ABDC auditions - the experience inside the auditions studio

There wasn't much time to go around and mingle due to the production team making everyone stand in a certain area before and after they auditioned. During the audition process crews were called to do a mini photo shoot, a couple of crew shots, and about 5 solo shots. I was told that the pictures were going onto a website later on, and also the audition videos, so we shall see. After a crew received callbacks they were rushed across the street to do an interview in front of the cameras. Crews only had until 5:30 to practice their callback piece. The callback challenge was to choreograph to Lil' Wayne's 6ft 7ft and incorporate his vibe and personality into the dance, in only 24 hours. The song was send out Friday night around 8:30 leaving crews only Saturday to learn and perfect the dance. After a crew finished their callback challenge and exited the building, crews were again interviewed about their experience. Also Andrew Baterina stopped by and talked with a few crews.   

The guy who was judging and making all the decisions on if a crew was moving forward or not came out and spoke from time to time during the initial audition process. Told everyone that if they messed up it was fine, they would get another chance. They were looking for crews who took the advice of the judges and changed it right then and there. The guy was very laid back, and cool. After he talked with my crew, and asked us what did we each do, he asked a couple of us to sing "America's Best Dance Crew" on the spot and make up a song. Personality was a HUGE factor in which crews moved forward to callbacks, and perfection was the dominate factor during the callback challenge. 

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