Monday, January 24, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 1, Episode 7 - Evolution of Hip Hop Challenge

Here's Teldon's rewatch of America's Best Dance Crew Season 1's Evolution of Hip Hop Challenge. Thanks Teldon!
Unlike the past episodes all three crews must dance to the same songs in an extended master mix session and incorporate the associated style with the song, when it plays.

--"Funkytown" by Lipps Inc, Dance Style: Locking
--"It's Like That" by Run DMC vs. Jason Nevins, Dance Style: Popping
--"It's Just Begun" by Jimmy Castor, Style: Breaking
--"Push It" by Salt-n-Pepa, Style: New Jack Swing
--"Bye Bye Bye" by 'N Sync, Style: Pop
--"Get Buck in Here" by DJ Felli Fel, Style: New School/Krump

Status Quo
What I liked- The raw passion these guys have shined through in the performance.  In addition, everyone got a turn being in the center stage and the focus of attention.  For once no unnecessary stunts!
What I did not like- Their sloppy monster apparently visited them the night before and not only scared them, but raped them.  So many timing and formation errors it really took away from the performance as a whole.
How well did they handle the challenge- They did ok.  You could tell they were trying and not all of them were on the same level when it came to each style.  Over all just above meh.


Did the audience/producers get it right? Let's face it, at this point the behind the scene manipulation was obvious.  Even in other seasons when we have had two OMG amazing crews (Quest/BFs and Poreo/BP) the vote was never split that bad to where the weakest crew left was suddenly safe.  With that said, Status did actually grow as a crew but they were nowhere near the level of either Kaba or Jaba.
What I liked- The opening was just visually the best one done all season.  The fact they manage to make every style flow easily into one another helped as well.  One thing I did notice that
no one did all season was they used asymmetrical framing and formations to highlight each of the dancers in each song.
What I did not like- The ending.  By now you know I am not a fan of overlong long stunts.  Yes it did get the crowd worked up but it really felt out of place.
How well did they handle the challenge- Honestly the whole challenge seemed tailor made for them.  If they really had any trouble with a certain style they did not show it.

Kaba Modern
What I liked- The theme of the boys vs girls in it was done well.  I liked how the girls stepped up and did the masculine parts and the how the guys took to the feminine parts.  They had great formation changes as well that set up the next parts of their routine to great effect.
What I did not like- Looks like the sloppy monster was still feeling frisky after visiting SQ.  While they were not off count as bad as SQ it was noticeable.
How well did they handle the challenge-  Like Jaba they had no trouble and I think they highlighted each style just a bit better.

Did the judges get it right? I always say an elimination should be based on that week's performance and that your past is just that and should not factor in.  The judges were right in moving Jaba forward.  While they did have the best top three performance, Kaba did amazing in their performance.  If SQ would have been in the bottom they would have been shown the door.

My thoughts on the eliminated crew-  Well you all put up a helluva performance throughout the entire season.  Each routine was done well and had creativity and passion.  I am proud of the work you did week to week and I am glad to call my season one-pony.
Rankings based on tonight's top three performance
1. Jabbawockeez (+2)
2. Kaba Modern (-)
3. Status Quo (-2)

Power rankings (based on an average score)
1. Kaba Modern (7.25) eliminated
1. Jabawockeez (7.25)
3. Fysh N Chicks (5.75) 5th place
4. Status Quo (5.4)
5. Live in Color (5,25) 6th place
6. Break Sk8 (4.9) 4th place
7. ICONic (4) 7th place
8. Femme 5 (2.75) 8th place
9. Enigma Dance Cru (1.9) 9th place

Status Quo performing to an original set "Jack in the Box"
How well did this performance represent them as a crew-  Personally this routine nailed them.  Talented but unsure how to use that talent.  They had a few good moments but the entire concept was just poorly thought out. If they had took a bit more time to actually polish this they could have had something nice.
My thoughts on the crew as whole form throughout the season- Overall they got lucky.  At best they should have been gone three weeks ago.  While they did show improvement in some areas they keep degrading in others.

Jabawockeez performing to an original set "Red Pill"
How well did this performance represent them as a crew-  This routine showed why these guys made it to the top two.  It highlighted everyone of their strengths and the concept behind the crew.
My thoughts on the crew as whole form throughout the season- I was a doubter at first but now a believer.  The judges said it best when they said they set the bar for the talent level future crews will be measured by.

  Jabbawockeez no question.  As a whole they did not really screw up like Status did throughout the season.  Besides they have the whole package not just a few tricks to help them out.

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