Monday, January 31, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 2 Episode 1 - Crew Choice Challenge

Here's Teldon's Rewatch Review of America's Best Dance Crew Season 2's Crew's Choice Challenge. Thanks Teldon!

SoReal Cru dancing to "Entourage" by Omarion featuring 50 Cent
What I liked- Again, nice and clean choreo with nice formations.  The highlight was the glide section.
What I did not like- Numerous timing small timing errors.  Hard to see on the first viewing.  The thing I disliked the most was when they walked to positions.
Improvement over the audition- Not so much.  It felt like the same type of routine and I am not getting a sense of personality from their dancing.  Kinda like back up dancers.

Supreme Soul dancing to "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" by Busta Rhymes
What I liked- I liked the fact this was an understated performance.  It gave nice contrast to their more powerful audition piece.
What I did not like- Very minor timing issues and it was a boring routine.
Improvement over the audition- This showed they are contenders and have versatility.

Xtreme Dance Force dancing to "Shawty Get Loose" by Lil Mama featuring T-Pain and Chris Brown
What I liked- When it was over.
What I did not like- Oh dear lord that was a train wreck.  One guy completely lost the entire time, tricks that were beyond boring and out of place and high school level difficulty of the choreo.
Improvement over the audition- None whatsoever.  Also their video from their hometown only reinforced their metrosexuality.  You boys just got a punch on your man card.

A.S.I.I.D. dancing to "Whatever U Like" by Nicole Scherzinger featuring T.I
What I liked- Thank god!!  Finally an amazing performance!  I love the fact they still can move as two halves and click into a whole unit instantly.  I must admit I was a little turned on when the girls treated the guys like dogs.
What I did not like- It was sloppy in most parts.  Whether it was a timing issue or a formation issue there was always a mistake.
Improvement over the audition- A bit more energy from their audition set.  They really need to work on cleaning it up.

Boogie Bots dancing to "More Bounce To The Ounce" by Zapp & Roger
What I liked- They showed they can do fundamentals of b boying very well.  Most of the stunts they added in at the beginning and middle made sense.
What I did not like- Towards the end they started to get into Status Quo territory with too much stunts.  Also they were sloppy through the routine.
Improvement over the audition- They gave some better power moves but stuck mainly to the fundamentals.  They lost some of their cohesion from the auditions.

Super Cr3w dancing to "Get Up Offa That Thing" by James Brown
What I liked- The fact they actually danced this time around.  The opening was well thought out and risky in the fact you had most of your crew off stage. The funk levels displayed made what is an old song seem new.  All stunts this time fit well into the routine and not tacked on.
What I did not like- Just some timing and formation errors.
Improvement over the audition- Big improvement all around.  I would say most improved crew so far of the night.  This crew's biggest problem is balancing the big power moves and stunts with good and clean dancing.

Phresh Select dancing to "Motownphilly" by Boyz II Men
What I liked- Another good intro done by another b boy crew.  Really good lines and levels.  Great framing again on the stunt work.  The hat trick section was sick.
What I did not like- The fact they went after Super Cr3w.  That stole some of this routine's thunder.  Had some formation and timing errors in the middle.
Improvement over the audition- Very minor.  They turned up the energy and cleaned up just a bit but it was hard to notice it at first.

Sass x7 dancing to "Damaged" by Danity Kane
What I liked- This is maybe the second cleanest performance all night.  The floor work was nicely done and was the framing for the pirouettes.
What I did not like- While this is a much better piece then a few other crews tonight I have to take away points for extremely simple choreo.  The flip towards the end of the beginning did not help either.
Improvement over the audition- A lot cleaner then the previous routine.  They showed a bit more confidence this week.  They just need to loosen up.

Did America get it right?  BULL***!!!!!  Seriously you let the varsity girls get a free pass and you put two of the strongest crews in the bottom? THIS is the reason we have sudden death rounds.  I am tired of all the whiners bitching that so and so crew in whatever season didn't get a chance because we could not vote for them.  The reason we have sudden death is to get rid of people that cant adapt to the show or give enough of a showcase the first time around or it lets a "bad" crew redeem themselves by getting more stage time.

Fanny Pak dancing to "Speakerphone" by Kylie Minogue
What I liked- The way they set up everything in their routine.  The moves they did let them set up a scene easily and then suddenly transition into another scene. The levitation trick out of nowhere was a nice surprise.
What I did not like- It seemed like they were still holding back this week.
Improvement over the audition- They definitely brought showmanship this episode.  They really do think out their routines week to week.

Distorted X dancing to "Oops (Oh My)" by Tweet featuring Missy Elliott
What I liked- This was a nicely controlled routine.  It was slutty with dancers being fully clothed.  It kinda reminded me of a Burlesque style routine in the fact it was sexy without really showing anything. It was well thought out from beginning to end.
What I did not like- Formation and timing errors in the middle and end hurt this performance.
Improvement over the audition- Slight.  The creativity, drive and passion is there but the sloppiness remains.

Did the judges get it right?  Yes they did.  Again we had two top notch performances but Fanny Pak delivered a better package all around.
Thoughts on the eliminated crew- It always sucks when a strong team gets sent home way to early.  Distorted X could have been an easy top 4 contender.  There was no excuse for them to be in the bottom this week.

Thoughts on the episode as a whole- Overall if it weren't for a few routines this night I would have been bored.  Most of these crews must step it up if they want to have a shot at it.

Rankings based on tonight's performances-
1.  Fanny Pak (+1)
2.  Super Cr3w (+3)
3.  Distorted X (-1)
4.  A.S.I.I.D. (-)
5.  Phresh Select (+4)
6.  SoReal Cru (+1)
7.  Boogie Bots (-1)
8.  Supreme Soul (-7)
9.  Sass X 7 (+1)
10. Xtreme Dance Force (-2)

Power Rankings (based on average of scores)
1.  Fanny Pak (9.5)
2.  Distorted X (8)
3.  Super Cr3w (7.5)
4.  A.S.I.I.D. (7)
5.  Supreme Soul (6.5)
6.  Boogie Bots (4.5)
6.  SoReal Cru (4.5)
8.  Phresh Select (4)
9.  Xtreme Dance Force (2)
10. Sass X 7 (1.5)
Teldon's Season Two Grade-A All American Bull**** Counter: 2
Lil Mama Season Two Bring it Counter:0

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