Friday, January 21, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 1, Episode 4 - Movie Character Challenge

Here's Teldon's Rewatch review of America's Best Dance Crew Season 1's Movie Character Challenge. Thanks Teldon!

JabbaWockeeZ dancing to "Ayo Technology" by 50 Cent featuring Justin Timberlake
Characters: Thieves
What I liked- This routine had great moments.  The two members camouflaged to the wall was smart and innovative.  Another great part was the transition and formation to the ending. 
What I did not like- Normally I love a good slow routine but it felt out of place here.  It seemed like they took to long to set up their story and they took to long getting to where they needed to be.
How well did they do the challenge? it was handled OK but it could have been better.
Overall performance for the season- This was a stumble for them.  Since week one we have been seeing great routines from them.  This was just good.

Kaba Modern dancing to "Sensual Seduction" by Snoop Dogg    
Characters: Geek Boys & Popular Girls
What I liked- They set their story up very well and was easy to follow.  I liked that throughout the routine every member got a solo section.  In addition the partners section was fun and flirty.
What I did not like- Minor timing and staging errors in the beginning.
How well did they do the challenge? It felt like I was watching a classic 80s teen film, albeit a 90 second one.
Overall performance for the season- They still continue to shine and I love the fact they can break parts of their routine up and half their crew do one set while the other members do another set.

Status Quo dancing to "Hey Baby (Jump Off)" by Bow Wow and Omarion    
Characters: Tuners
What I liked- Great use of the set.  They took the props given to them and made it enhance the story.  The middle section of the routine showed they can do clean choreo.
What I did not like- The stunts.  This week they felt out of place and very forced.  There is a time and place for flips and tricks and this routine would have been better without them.
How well did they do the challenge?  Like I said before they really used the stage props thoughtfully and worked them all into their routine.
Overall performance for the season- They are beginning to become good dancers and they finally let a few other members besides E-knock do something.  However, their reliance on tricks is getting predicable and boring.

BreakSk8 dancing to "What Is It" by Baby Bash featuring Sean Kingston    
Characters: Basketballers
What I liked- The story they presented was their strong part.  They handled the additional props well.
What I did not like- Everything else.  Timing issues and it felt like they were walking into formation.
How well did they do the challenge?  good story, bad dancing.
Overall performance for the season- Another slip down the ladder.  The one trick pony they are becoming may have broke a leg.

Did America get it right? Yes.  As much as I did not want Live in Color in the bottom, they have had a month to clean it up and still they can not.  Fysh N Chick's weak performance the week before was a gimme for who would be in the bottom.

Fysh N Chicks     "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado    
Characters: Business Women on town
What I liked- Hands down they told the best story of the night.  Nothing was out of place and they brought back their strong moves and formations that had been missing since the auditions.  The tap dancing solo segment was a nice touch as well.
What I did not like- The fact you have to watch it at least twice to catch all the little things they did.
How well did they do the challenge?  They owned the stage and the characters.  Like Kaba they made you feel like you were watching a movie.
Overall performance for the season-  Thank god they finally found their confidence again.  These ladies are strong, fierce and amazing dancers.  Though I think to much damage has been done for the to recover.

Live In Color dancing to "B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)" by Outkast    
Characters: Vampires & Damsels in Distress
What I liked- The really got into character more then any other crew tonight.  The choreo was clean and hard hitting as well.  The fact they added athletics when they hardly ever do them and did them well enhanced the over all performance.
What I did not like- It took a bit to long to set the story up.
How well did they do the challenge?  While they did their characters really well, they just focused on the vampire part too quickly.  The damsels in distress part was rushed and didn't add anything to the performance.
Overall performance for the season-  Finally they got clean and had no mistakes.  They showed they can add elements into their choreo they are not comfortable with and make it look natural.

Did the judges get it right? Yes they did.  While both the bottom two's performances were some of the best of the night, Fysh n Chicks had the better over all package tonight.
Thoughts on the eliminated crew-  All in all they were one of the better crews to grace the stage.  They stayed true to themselves and showed improvement week after week.  It sucks they are gone but like Femme 5 they went out a super strong performance.
My rankings based off tonight's performances
1. Fysh n Chicks
2. Kaba Modern
3. Live in Color
4. Status Quo
5. Jabbawockeez
6. Break S8

Power rankings (based on an average score)
1. Kaba Modern (7)
2. Jabbawockees (6.4)
3. Live in Color (6.2) eliminated
4. Fysh n Chicks (5.2)
5. Status Quo (3.8)
6. Break S8 (3.4)
7. ICONic n/a
8. Femme 5 n/a
9. Enigma Dance Kru n/a

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