Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 1, Episode 1 - The Battle Begins

Here's Teldon's Rewatch review of ABDC1 First episode: The Battle Begins. Thanks Teldon!

Live in Color dancing to "Watch them Roll" by Sean Paul

What I liked- They focused on what they were weak on and that was better togetherness.  The energy was a bit more contained and put to better use this time around.  The highlight was when the young lady did her lean back and did not fall.
What I did not like- Timing was off again but not as noticeable as before.  At times it did seem the girls were a bit lost.  While everyone was showcased at some point I feel like it was poorly done but that could be due to bad camera angles and I will give them the benefit of the doubt this time.
Improvements over the audition- Though still not where they could be they are cleaning it up and putting their energy to better use.  If they work on their transitions a bit more I think they have a shot.

JabbaWockeeZ dancing to "Apologize" by Timbaland featuring One Republic
What I liked- The fact that they took that song and made such a strong piece to it and still kept to their hip hop roots speaks volumes of their talent.  The illusion they did at the beginning was a great way to start everything and throughout the performance they set up each portion wonderfully.  They seamlessly flowed from the slower tempo to the mid tempo beat like they it was nothing.
What I did not like- Only a few minor placement errors.  One of the dancers was off in the over head shot and when they went to the mirror part of the routine in the middle they were a bit to close for a second or two.
Improvements over the audition- Unlike their audition piece I could follow this one easily.  They worked as a seamless unit and it was a joy to watch.

Fysh n Chicks dancing to "Whine Up" by Kat DeLuna featuring Elephant Man
What I liked- They showed a bit more versatility this week with some formation changes. The end piece was the strongest part of the routine.
What I did not like- The sloppiness that plagued them in the auditions was back and much worse.  While they did show new moves the piece felt very amateurish and not polished at all.
Improvements over the audition- None.  What they did add was not enough to help them out.  It seems like nerves got the better of them.  From what they showed the week before, they are better then this.
Did they get it right? No.  While Live in Color had definite improvements, Jabba had the better over all routine.

Status Quo dancing to "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark
What I liked- The entire performance was highly entertaining.  They used the zombie theme they chose well.  Thier opening number and closing set highlighted the fact they can dance well together.  They incorporated their stunts into their routine without a hitch as well.
What I did not like- Again they were sloppy and off on a few parts.  This would be to a lack of formal training and when the big guy messes up it is very easy to notice.  While not bad the middle part dragged the performance down a bit.
Improvements over the audition- This time around they decided to focus more on thier dancing and less on the tricks they did use.  However, they blended in what stunts they used better then they did the week before.  You could tell they had been putting some work into their dancing.

Femme 5 dancing to "Do It Well" by Jennifer Lopez
What I liked- The beginning and end parts were their strongest parts.  They did clean up their formation better then last week which did help.  In addition, they did hit their moves harder.
What I did not like- They lost their sense of self in this routine.  They tried adding moves in that just were not them.  This hurt them when one of the ladies fell.  The entire middle part drug down the entire performance.
Improvements over the audition- Slight improvements to formations did make a difference. However they did not play to their strengths and that is gonna cost them in the long run.

Enigma Dance Kru dancing to "I'm So Hood" by DJ Khaled
What I liked- Overall a clean performance.  The one girl stepped her game up and actually contributed to the rest of the crew.
What I did not like- While clean it felt shaky in the middle.  The raw and controlled energy they had was not there any more.  To me this felt like a safe routine.
Improvements over the audition- Besides the one girl stepping her game up not much.  Overall I think the drama before the show hurt them badly.  It seemed as if their leader had gotten a big head and was taking his frustrations out on others.
Did they get it right? Yes, out of the three crews SQ did the best.  Both F5 and Enigma lost their sense of selves and that hurt them.

ICONic dancing to "Cyclone" by Baby Bash featuring T-Pain
What I liked- Very good use of props and it was voluntary prop use as well.  As before they stayed true to themselves and kept it clean and fun.
What I did not like- While they used the props well, they used them to much.  This routine didn't have the degree of difficulty we saw from them before.
Improvements over the audition- Honestly they stayed about the same.  They still continued to use all the stage and had great formation changes.   When it was time to switch it up they did it easily.  The props both helped and hurt them.

BreakSk8 dancing to "Get It Shawty" by Lloyd
What I liked- This was the first sexy performance of the night.  The opening where they glided onto stage was just yummy.  They showed us that they were more then just tricks through out the routine.  They framed the one guy very well for his solo and kept up a good pace through out the whole thing with a slow song.
What I did not like- Extremely minor timing issue went they all went down to the ground.  The routine slowed down just a hair to much in the middle but they picked it up at the end.
Improvements over the audition- A complete 180 from the week before.  They showed everyone they belonged on the show.  Their style of dance is not easy.  However, most crews that rely on tricks will take the easy route and focus on the showy and flashy power moves.

Kaba Modern dancing to "Technologic" by Daft Punk
What I liked- What can I say?  It is not often you see a group move that well together.  Controlled power in the first half of teh routine and the you had hounds released in a frantic and well thought out second half.
What I did not like- Only thing I can say is even though I know in my head it was the same length as everyone else, it somehow felt to short.  I wanted more.
Improvements over the audition- The only thing I can say they improved upon was their energy.  It was a great piece.
Did they get it right? Yes.  Out of the three groups of three, this one as a whole was the best.  Out of the three crews that performed KM did better then they did.

Did they get it right? No.  While Enigma and ICONic did not give as good they did in the audition rounds, I felt that Fysh and Femme 5 were the weakest that night.

Note: For the first of the sudden death eliminations this one is unique in the fact that they had a live performer.  I can honestly see why they never did it again.  Flo Rider's back up dancer took away from what should have been Enigma and ICONic's stage, not his.  The format that they switch to in later seasons while not perfect works much better then this.  The only thing I do miss from this style was the interaction between the crews.  Now with that mini rant out the way on to the battle itself.

Brought a good energy to the battle.  The crew worked well together and framed each other well.  However, sitting out two members behind the other four was a poor decision on their part.  You could have set up for a trick with them in formation.  All in all much better then the performance they gave earlier.
ICONic- Was sloppy coming out the gate.  I really could not tell what they were going for in that battle.  The girls did a move I was not expecting but they were out of step.  All in all a hot mess.

Overall it was an interesting battle but with screwed up camera angles we cant fairly judge what the hell really happened.  All to often it was on the singer or his dancer when it should have been on the crews themselves.  Shots focused on the judges table were unnecessary as well.

Did they get it right?
God after all this time I can't believe I am saying this.  No, they did not.  While Enigma committed the sin of sitting folks out, ICONic was just plain bad out there.  Again, I am gonna chalk this up to unholy cameras and us not getting to see the whole thing.

**Note it was when I was watching the next episode they showed a better angle at what ICONic was doing and they were making a car in motion.  Like I said I am chalking this up to horrid camera angles and we did not get to see what really happened.  Though I am gonna stick to what I said earlier and give it to Enigma.

Looking back they did have potential.  Could they have won this shindig?  No.  But they could have continued to get better and deserved better then they got.  Granted I think their leader was the one who ultimately screwed them over and the judges just plain did not want to deal with.  We will never know.  If any of the crew members of Enigma are reading this I will say this to you.  I am sorry for the bad things I said about you in the past.  I can see why you were selected for the show and that you were a good crew.

My rankings based on this episode.
1. Kaba Modern (+1)                
2. jabbawockeez (+5)
3. Break Sk8 (+6)
4. Staus Quo (+2)
5. Live in Color (+3)
6. ICONic (-5)
7. Enigma Dance Cru (-3)
8. Fysh N Chicks (-5)
9. Femme 5 (-4)

Power rankings  (based on average score)
1. Kaba Modern (8.5)
2. ICONic (6.5)
3. Jabbawockeez (5.5)
4. Status Quo (5.0)
5. Enigma Dance Kru (4.5) (eliminated)
5. Fysh N Chicks (4.5)
5. Live in Color (4.5)
8. Break Sk8 (4.0)
9. Femme 5 (3.0)

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