Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 1, Episode 5 - Thriller Challenge

This is Teldon's Rewatch Review of America's Best Dance Crew Season 1's Thriller Challenge. Thanks Teldon!

Status Quo dancing to "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" by Michael Jackson
What I liked- I hate to do this, this late in the game because I always try to find something I liked in the performance.  However, there really was nothing I liked.
What I did not like- My main complaint.  Unnecessary stunts, they were out of place and looked tacked on.  The sloppy factor was back and even bigger then before.  E-Knock was completely lost for around 15 or so seconds in the middle.  In addition transitions for the beginning, middle and end just weren't there.  It really did feel like three bad performances tacked together at the last moment.
Did they do justice to the song?  No they did not.  The only thing they started was a pile of crap.  Not a good way to start the show.
Overall performance for the season- I think at this point the pressure had gotten to them and it is showing.  While they rebounded the previous episode, problems that should have been addressed and corrected just keep appearing.  Honestly, there is no reason for them to be safe week after week.  This was the point I was starting to suspect behind the scenes manipulation of the show.

JabbaWockeeZ dancing to "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" by Michael Jackson
What I liked- The fact they made the coats seem like a part of their body.  Silky smooth moves and transitions helped make this one of the best performances of the season.
What I did not like- Nothing to really dislike only caught a minor timing error when I was on my third play back.
Did they do justice to the song?  hells yes.  They seamlessly blended their style in with the signature moves of Michael.
Overall performance for the season-  Is it just me or does it seem that since ICONic was eliminated that the wockezz have put in more showmanship?  It really does add to their routines and makes for a better experience.

Kaba Modern dancing "Thriller" by Michael Jackson
What I liked-  The fact they had the balls to do one of the most treasured dance songs in a completely different way.  Again they brought out something new for us with the finger tutting section and added some more levels for us.
What I did not like- While I loved the routine, throughout the routine it seemed like at least one person was off count for a second.  That type of mistake should not be happening now.
Did they do justice to the song?  Yes they did.  Like Jabba, they meshed Micheal's style with their own and made it look natural.
Overall performance for the season-  They have consistently set a high bar for themselves week after week.  The only problem is they seem to stay on the same level week after week with no major improvements.


Did America get it right? Hard to tell.  Break Sk8 defiantly deserved to be in the bottom but Fysh gave a world class performance the week before.  I think they got put there again because America was unsure how they would do again or perhaps the producers wanted some drama.

Fysh N Chicks dancing to "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson
What I liked-  This was perhaps the most unique performances of the night.  They started off with a nice performance piece at the beginning and then went on to make a memorable performance.  Great framing work through highlighted Taeko when she soloed and great transitions help make it shine as well.
What I did not like- Just a few timing errors.
Did they do justice to the song?  Very much so.  They ran into a problem any all boy or all girl crew has when they have to do a set based on the opposite gender's moves.  They took Michael's move and were able to make them feminine and masculine at the same time.  In addition, they not only improved the moon walk segments they evolved them as well.
Overall performance for the season- The confidence issues I noticed a few weeks ago are a thing of the past now.  These ladies have come to win it and it shows in their work.

BreakSk8 dancing to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson
What I liked- As with Status Quo on this episode I really could not find anything I liked.
What I did not like-  First off they took to long to get started.  Once they did they went into a solo section that was both to long and bad.  Many sloppy timing issues, formation errors and weak dancing really hurt this performance.
Did they do justice to the song?  As MJ's most break through song, no they didn't.
Overall performance for the season-  While they have given sexy and fun performances in the past they just keep getting worse.  They really should not be that sloppy this late in the game.

Did the Judges get it right? This is the first of what is to become many bulls**t eliminations throughout the show.  Maybe when the episode first aired almost two years ago it made sense to keep as many regions as possible in the game.  However it set a poor standard.  Even the crowd was booing this decision and I agree with them.

Honestly, with the growth Fysh n Chicks showed up to their elimination they should have been in the top three and I think they could have surprised us and made top two.  The West clearly dominated this season and they did not deserve to get cut.  Great job ladies! Your dance shoes would take a while to be filled!
My rankings based off tonight's performances
1. Jabawockeez (+4)
2. Fysh n Chicks (-1)
3. Kaba Modern (-1)
4. Status Quo (-)
5. break sk8 (+1)

Power rankings (based on an average score)
1. Kaba Modern (7)
2. Jabbawockeez (6.83)
3. Fysh n Chicks (5.7) eliminated
4. Status Quo (4.17)
5. Break Sk8 (3.7)
6. Live in color n/a
7. ICONic n/a
8. Femme 5 n/a
9. Enigma Dance Cru n/a

Unofficial Lil Mama Bring it counter-4

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