Thursday, January 20, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 1, Episode 3 - Dance Craze Challenge

Here's Teldon's Rewatch review of America's Best Dance Crew Season 1's Dance Craze Challenge:


Live In Color dancing to "2 Step" by Unk
Challenge: Crew must exchange clothing in their dance.
What I liked- They were the first crew that moved into a formation at the beginning of their routine.  It was visually a nice change of pace.  The first part of the routine had a nice horizontal formation and blended well into their extra challenge.  It was also a nice change for their signature booty shakin to be down in the middle of the routine.
What I did not like- The individual sloppiness from the previous week was back along with group sloppiness.  While I applaud them for getting out their comfort zone with the three mini performances, they took away from the routine.
How well did they do the challenge?  The dance move they got was incorporated well into their style.  They should have KISSed (Keep It Simple Stupid) the clothes exchange part.  The jackets were changed without a problem but the hat part failed.
Overall performance for the season- I keep seeing improvements in their dancing each week with their creativity but the mistakes they make with timing is starting to get annoying.

JabbaWockeeZ dancing to "Lean wit It, Rock wit It" by Dem Franchize Boyz
Challenge: Crew must create an illusion that defies gravity.
What I liked- The second half of the routine was where they cam alive.  The transitions to the quick b boy solo was placed well and made sense to the over all routine.  Again they showed us more from their bag of styles.
What I did not like- the first half of the routine was a bit slow and did lose me.  They had a few noticeable timing errors in the first half as well but nothing that major.
How well did they do the challenge?  The dance move part was just OK but when I saw the first set of lifts I thought they were taking the easy way out of doing their extra challenge.  When they did the illision at the end, that was when it all came together.  Extremely well thought out and creative.
Overall performance for the season- again they are showing why they are a top contender and still they add more to what they are showing us.

BreakSk8 dancing to "Cupid Shuffle" by Cupid     
Challenge: Crew must stay physically connected in a section of the Cupid Shuffle.
What I liked- The mini solos towards the middle showcased the talents of the crew as a whole and was well done.  This time around stunts were added in a more thoughtful manner and worked well.
What I did not like- Oh lord.  The Sloppy Monster not only visited them, it slapped them upside the head.  Through the whole thing at least one person was out of sync with everyone else.
How well did they do the challenge? They did OK on it.  While their legs did the moves well and together, their torsos were all over the place.  The centipede past was well done though.
Overall performance for the season-
It starting to show they do not have much more to offer.  While they keep improving on their style each week, each performance is starting to give me a bit of deja vu. DING DING!!!*

Kaba Modern dancing to "G-Slide (Tour Bus)" by Lil Mama     
Challenge" Crew must partner up and perform a lift.
What I liked- Overall there was nothing wrong with it.  It truly shined it in the middle and end.  The parts where the boys and the girls split up and danced differently from one another was a stroke of genius.  Then to top it off they had a small boys vs girls battle thrown in.
What I did not like- Timing issues in the beginning.
How well did they do the challenge?  They made it look easy and like they always have done it.  With that though they did take the easy way out and they could have held it for a second or two more.
Overall performance for the season- So far this crew keep coming out with well thought out routines.  You can tell they take this whole thing seriously.

Fysh N Chicks dancing to "It's Goin Down" by Yung Joc     
Challenge: Crew must perform some of the steps in reverse.
What I liked- The beginning started off well and and showed their strong style.  The solo part was unexpected and did add a nice bit of flare to the routine
What I did not like- The rewind portion was a mess.  They were out of their element for it and it showed.  Also poor use of props and they added nothing to the routine.
How well did they do the challenge?  The actual dance move part was done well and when it was reversed.  The rest of the reverse was poor though.
Overall performance for the season-  They keep showing they are a crew of strong dancers but so far they keep failing to imprint anything on me. *DING! DING!

Did America get it right? To a degree they did.  Status did need to be in the bottom for a wake up call.  However, ICONic had no business being in the bottom based on last week's routine.

Status Quo dancing to "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em     
Challenge: Crew must perform a portion of the dance upside down.
What I liked- The beginning was bloody amazing.  I never would have thought this crew could pull off something like that.  The human jump rope stunt was a nice addition as well.
What I did not like- The rest of the routine was awful.  There were countless formation errors, too many timing errors, and a few of them looked out of place.
How well did they do the challenge?  The dance step they had to do was done OK but doing it upside down they way they did was creative.  However, timing errors killed any impact it had.

ICONic dancing to "Chicken Noodle Soup" by DJ Webstar     
Challenge: Crew must perform a portion of the dance on their backs.
What I liked- They did pick the right time to open up their bag of tricks.  The second half of the routine was surprisingly well thought out and showed great versatility.
What I did not like- While the first half was creative they were on the floor way to long.  With out the cameras we could not have seen what they were doing.  Whatever creativity they showed was wiped away because of it.
How well did they do the challenge?  Where as I thought KM did not do enough for their challenge, ICONic took it to the extreme.  They spent way to much time on the ground.

Did the judges get it right? I feel dirty for saying this but, yes they did.  While they were both routines were not that great, SQ proved that if you get a hungry team against the wall they will come out ahead.  I think ICONic felt they were not going to be put in the bottom and played it safe.  Hopefully this is enough of a wake up call to all the crews to let them know that even when you are on or near the top you can't hold back.
My thoughts on the eliminated crew
ICONic, ICONic, ICONic, you are a great crew.  Up until this point you showcased some amazing talent.  Poor judgment is what ultimately killed them.  Please keep up the great work you all do for your community and keep dancing your hearts out!
My rankings based off tonight's performances
1. Jabbawockeez (+1)
2. Live in Color (-1)
3. Kaba Modern (+4)
4. Fysh N Chicks (+2)
5. Break Sk8 (-)
6. Status Quo (+1)
7. ICONic (-3)

Power rankings (based on an average score)
1. Jabbawockeez (6.75)
2. Kaba Modern (6.75)
3. Live in Color (6)
4. ICONic (5) eliminated
5. Fysh n Chicks (4.25)
6. Break Sk8 (4)
7. Status Quo (3.25)
8. Femme 5 (8th place)
9. Enigma Dance Kru (9th place)

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