Sunday, January 23, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 1, Episode 6 - Broadway Remixed Challenge

Here's Teldon's review of America's Best Dance Crew Season 1's Broadway Remixed Challenge. Thanks Teldon!

All four crews dancing to a hip-hop remix of Annie's "It's the Hard Knock Life."
What I liked-  The opening in the crew garage was perfect!  It captured the spirit of the musical and let all four crews get some face time while showing their personalities.
The transition to the stage also fit in well with the song as well.  Again good energy and spirit.  Out of the four crews in the routine, I think Status Quo best captured the carefree attitude of the musical's heroine.
What I didn't like- Once everyone was on stage is when it came apart for me.  The camera made it hard to really focus on anything.  It also seemed that Kabba and Status did not really
get that much face time on stage as well.

On with the show!


Status Quo dancing to "You Can't Stop the Beat" from the musical Hairspray
What I liked-  Honestly, I liked the whole thing.  It was playful, it was well thought out compared to their past performances and they managed to have fun with a feminine performance
and make it look masculine.  The best part was the piece with the chairs.
What I did not like- some timing issues and some formation issues were the only major things wrong with it.  While it was a good performance, it could have had a bit more energy.
Did they do justice to Broadway? for an amateur piece yes.  While no where near the skill level of the source material they did extremely well.
Overall performance for the season- This is an improvement and shows that they can step it up this late in the game.  They really do well when E knock steps back and lets the other
members of the crew take center stage.  Also I heart Jamal!

JabbaWockeeZ dancing to "All That Jazz" from the musical Chicago
What I liked- An imaginative re working of the musical.  Good use of minimal props to help create a scene mad this one stand out.
What I did not like- While I can see the intense eye to detail in this one for some reason I just did not like it.  They were sloppy quite a few times which is so unlike them.
Did they do justice to Broadway? Yes they did by reworking it to fit their style.  However, it didn't feel like it hard any personality.
Overall performance for the season- A minor stumble but they are first and foremost showmen and they showcased that.


Did America get it right? Half way.  Kaba had no business in the bottom what so ever and we all know I felt Break Sk8 should have gone home the week before.

Kaba Modern dancing to "You're the One That I Want" from the musical Grease
What I liked- The fact they turned took that god awful remix and managed to make an amazing routine.  Like the other two crews before them tonight they managed to merge the musical with their style
What I did not like- The remix, it was just too weird for me.  Also, it did feel a bit disjointed at times to me.
Did they do justice to Broadway? Very much so.  Though out of the four crews it seemed like they got the perfect song and musical tonight.
Overall performance for the season- Last time I said they had been on an even curve all season.  Tonight they stepped it up.

BreakSk8 dancing to "One Night Only" from the musical Dreamgirls
What I liked- They cleaned up their moves extremely well this week.  They showed some new moves and for once it did not feel like I was watching the same performance only with different music. They really did rise to the challenge this week with their interpretation.
What I did not like- When the one dancer went off stage for almost 20 seconds.  In a do or die moment you don't hide anyone like that.  Also the stunt at the end
really was not needed.
Did they do justice to Broadway?  To a degree. While they did AMAZING dancing tonight, there just was not that much of the Broadway routine in it.
They got the spirit of the musical in there but not the dancing. Though out of the four they got award for most outside their comfort zone.
Overall performance for the season- Why couldn't they dance like this two weeks ago?  Great improvement but is it too little too late?

Did the judges get it right? Honestly I would not have wanted to be on the judging panel that night.  In fact all four routines tonight were just amazing and everyone truly shined.  With that said I do agree with the judges. Break Sk8 honestly did fail at the challenge tonight.
Thoughts on the eliminated crew
While I have been mercilessly ruthless with them, I still love their moves.  With a prop like they use to dance with, the degree of difficultly is always higher.  Good jobs guys.
My rankings based off tonight's performances
1. Status Quo (+3)
2. Kaba Modern (+1)
3. Jabbawockeez (-2)
4. Break Sk8 (+1)

Power rankings (based on an average score)
1. Kaba Modern (7.1)
2. Jabawockeez (7)
3. Fysh N Chicks (5.9) 5th place
4. Live in Color (5.4) 6th place
5. Status Quo (5.3)
6. Break Sk8 (4.7) Eliminated
7. ICONic (4.1) 7th place
8. Femme 5 (3) 8th place
9. Enigma Dance Cru (2) 9th place

*Unofficial Lil Mama Bring it counter-4

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