Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 2 Episode 2 - Video Star Challenge

Here's Teldon's Rewatch Review of America's Best Dance Crew Season 2's Episode 2: Video Star Challenge. Thanks Teldon!
Super Cr3w dancing to "Run It!" by Chris Brown featuring Juelz Santana
What I liked- When they made efforts to break out their comfort zone and dance other styles.  In the beginning and middle they framed their stunts well.
What I did not like- At parts it seemed one dancer was lost.  The timing errors were few this time around but noticeable.  Also the ending felt out of place.
Did they do justice to the original?  Somewhat they almost got the smooth vibe from the video in there but just fell a few inches short.

Fanny Pak dancing to "Wind It Up" by Gwen Stefani featuring Pharrell
What I liked- I liked that it was a fun and creative performance.  The chair segment was done well and just long enough.  Also have it was nice to see some hidden athleticism included as well.
What I did not like- At times it felt kinda safe.  For the first time, I noticed a huge timing mistake in the line up segment.  While I give them an A for effort the b boy style and the float up tricks
did not come off that well.
Did they do justice to the original? They captured the spirit of the video very well and added to it.  However, they did not quite capture the specific style of dance shown in the video.

Supreme Soul dancing to "Touch" by Omarion
What I liked- I loved the opening and how they got on stage and BAM went into the routine.  The glides were well done and well thought out as well.  The section toward the end of the middle
where one dancer went then stopped then two others went, etc was amazing.
What I did not like- The stunt at the end sadly took away from what the rest of the crew was doing.
Did they do justice to the original? They took the video and made it look better.

Phresh Select dancing to "Gimme That" by Chris Brown featuring Lil' Wayne
What I liked- A well thought out and clean performance.  Again they show they know how to do great formation and framing work.
What I did not like- The energy that they have shown the in the past was just not there.
Did they do justice to the original? It was a well done homage but really did not add anything.  Nonetheless, very entertaining.

A.S.I.I.D. dancing to "Like a Boy" by Ciara
What I liked- So far this is the best thought out routine of the night.  I knew they could do a sexy routine to this but I did not think they could make it sexy and almost totally masculine being a co ed group.
What I did not like- Minor timing issues toward the beginning.
Did they do justice to the original? Like Supreme Soul earlier they made it their own and made it better.

SoReal Cru dancing to "Love In This Club" by Usher featuring Young Jeezy
What I liked- Best intro all night.  It was a good job on how they managed the choreo from the video into their own moves.  I could not tell where the video began and their own choreo began it was that seamless.
What I did not like- Some timing errors and one one guy was lost.  Also my major pet peeve of throwing in a stunt for stunts sake.
Did they do justice to the original?  Yes they made the video come to life but didn't really add to it.

Xtreme Dance Force dancing to "Let Me Love You" by Mario
What I liked- They did step up their game from the week before but I just wasn't feeling it.
What I did not like- Major timing and formation errors.  Just sloppy all around.  Also what is it with people jumping off the stage tonight?
Did they do justice to the original?  They did the moves of the video but it was just missing something.

Did America get it right?  Halfway right.  Sass definitely needed to be there for a wake up call but BB didn't deserve it.  XDF should have been down there.

Boogie Bots dancing to "Bump, Bump, Bump" by B2K featuring P. Diddy
What I liked- It felt like a different crew this week.  They blended their style with the video very well and gave us something new that we have not seen from them.
What I did not like- Just a few minor timing errors and after the rewatches I think there was a formation error but that is just picking.
Did they do justice to the original? Yes they took the original and made it their own.

Sass x7 dancing to "I’m A Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears
What I liked- They were the first crew that did an extremely slow routine.  I liked the fact they did very smooth transitions to the somewhat uptempo beat.  Best closing of the night.
What I did not like- While I was surprised at how much I liked this (and yes people I know I will never be clean after typing that), there were just too many timing errors in it.  Also the difficulty could have been higher.
Did they do justice to the original? They channeled Britney well and matched the moves as well.

Did the Judges get it right?  Hard to tell based off tonight's performances.  Both did really well but in the end I think they chose the crew that had been more consistent.
Thoughts on the eliminated crew- Ladies, you should have been dancing at that level at the auditions.  You showed you had some promise but it was too little too late.

Thoughts on the episode as a whole- OK was it just me or did it seem like most of these routines were very, very similar tonight.  At times I thought I was just watching the same thing over and over again.  I honestly think this is why they started picking more diverse casts in future seasons.
Tonight's rankings based off tonight's Performances:
1. A.S.I.I.D.
2. Supreme Soul
3. Phresh Select
4. Boogie Bots
5. SoReal Cru
6. Sass x 7 (bring it on haters!)
7. Fanny Pak
8. Super Cr3w
9. Xtreme Dance Force

Power Rankings (based on average scores)
1.  A.S.I.I.D. (8)
2.  Fanny Pak (7.3)
2.  Supreme Soul (7.3)
5.  Distorted X (5.6) 10th place
5.  Super Cr3w (5.6)
7.  Phresh Select (5.3)
7.  Boogie Bots (5.3)
8.  SoReal Cru (5)
9.  Sass X 7 (2.3) eliminated
10. Xtreme Dance Force (2)
Teldon's Season Two Grade-A All American Bull**** Counter-2
Lil Mama Season Two Bring it Counter-0

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