Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Commenting Guidelines for Happy Discussion and Happy Moderators

-While we know that emotions can run high, we ask that you try to limit the amount of profanity you use.  If you must use @#$% because you're in the moment, then do so.  But make sure that it's used in the vernacular rather than the insulting. 
-For example, "[Insert Crew Name] is a @#$%ing good crew" is acceptable, whereas "@#$% [Insert Crew Name], they @#$%ing suck." is not.  Such profanity will be censored, and in extreme cases of repeated use, the user will be banned.

Ad hominem attacks
-While certain individuals will have strong emotions on certain topics, please keep things civil.  Attacking one's beliefs or experience or for any other reason will not be tolerated.  You will be banned if you repeat the behavior after being warned. We all have different things to bring to the table, so be open minded to what others bring.

-You are more than welcome to remain anonymous on this site.  You are also free to change your username as you wish, be it for jokes, or to make a point.  Just be aware that trying to deceive others by using multiple usernames is generally frowned down upon, and you will be called out. We can access your posting history including all your assumed names, just warning.  
-Also, if you do decide to use a name, please make it using common sense.  We will request that any insulting or derogatory names be changed, or you face being banned.

Common courtesies
-Don't be racist, sexist, or discriminatory in any way.  You will be warned, and then banned if  you repeat the behavior.  
-Crews do read this blog.  So if you do post something about the crews, please keep in mind that they may very well see it, be it negative or positive. Death threats, wishing that a crew would just die, etc etc will result in instant banning.  Trust us, it's happened.

-Obviously, we don't want spam.  We understand sometimes that posts will accidentally repeat.  That's what the delete button is for. But if it gets ridiculous (posting the same message on every thread to try and get attention), we will ask that you stop. 
-Once you've made a point, if you wish to elaborate, add something new. Don't go beating a dead horse.  You've made your point.  Now let it be or at least wait till someone replies.
-If you have a bit of dance news, go ahead and post it, but don't take over the boards with it.  Or even better yet, email us at bloggingbestdancecrew@gmail.com with details.

Other guidelines
-Please try and keep things readable for others.  ie, don't ramble on and on and on.  We'd love to have your opinions here, but it's not much use if we can't understand what you're saying right? 
-The more constructive your posts, the better!  Positive reviews
-Keep things relevant is also a good idea.  Talking about west coast crews then randomly bringing in east coast crews tends to irritate people.

Any of the actions described above are probably offensive and/or unproductive.  So DON'T DO THEM.  Okay? Think before you post.  5 offenses = banning.  Really bad offenses = instant ban.

That's all for now! I hope this helps us as a community have a conducive and positive experience stalking/following/supporting these crews as the next season of ABDC approaches!