Friday, February 4, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 2, Episode 5 - Janet Jackson Challenge

 This is Teldon's Rewatch Review of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5's Janet Jackson Challenge. Thanks Teldon!

All Crews dancing to "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson
What I thought- It was setup well but there were entirely too many people on stage for us to actually see what was going on.  I am glad that they only do these type of performance at the top four mark now.


Fanny Pak dancing to "All Nite (Don't Stop)" by Janet Jackson
What I liked- Possibly the sexist intro I have seen across all seasons.  I mean who would NOT want to ride the Cady express like that.  Oh sorry rambling again. They brought they sexy throughout the entire routine while bringing out Janet's sexy style yet making it all Fanny Pak.
What I did not like- I don't know it just didn't pop for me.  It seem to be lacking some energy.
Did they do Janet right?  Yes they brought the sexy strong choreo she is know for in their own style.

Supreme Soul dancing to "Nasty" by Janet Jackson
What I liked- The swag they had throughout the routine was nice.
What I did not like- Again I don't know if it just me but it was too low key.  Put in there some out of character formation errors and scenes that made little sense.
Did they do Janet right?  Not that I could tell.  I really could not see her moves in their routine at all.

Boogie Bots dancing to "Control" by Janet Jackson
What I liked- For the first time tonight it looked like a crew was actually having fun on the stage.  They had some really go framing work with good formations.
What I did not like- Seemed kinda simple for the most part.  Janet style moves were in there ever so slightly, they could have added a bit more.
Did they do Janet right? If not the moves they got the attitude right.

SoReal Cru dancing to "I Get Lonely" by Janet Jackson
What I liked- Really good transitions and formations.  They also got sexy without being slutty.
What I did not like- some minor timing issues.
Did they do Janet right? Yes. Like Janet they kept it just this side of pg 13

Did America get it right?  I am just gonna say what we are thinking.  BULL####!!!  I can see Super Cr3w landing in the bottom, but magically one of the best and most popular crews of the season, just "somehow" doesn't get enough votes to stay in the game. This is what started to turn a lot of folks off of Season Two was meddling like this.  I know the producers were on a kick to keep as many regions in as long as possible and it always bites them in the ass when they try this.

Super Cr3w dancing to "Black Cat" by Janet Jackson
What I liked- They got the attitude of the song down perfectly.  The floor formations were very nice as well.
What I did not like- Too much wasted time with the solo took away from the momentum they started with.  In addition, the flip thing at the end was clunky and they could have used
that time for more choreo or some group trick work.
Did they do Janet right? They got the attitude but very little of Janet came through.

A.S.I.I.D. dancing to "If" by Janet Jackson
What I liked- They nailed the iconic move set from the video at the beginning of their routine.  Through out the routine it really felt like it was a Janet performance.
What I did not like- Some minor timing issues.
Did they do Janet right? Best of the whole night.

Did the judges get it right?  BULL ####!!  You got to be ****ing me.  How the hell could they cut ASIID when SC was that weak? Honestly I know b boys needed the win and respect but this really set a bad precedent for future seasons where big stunts are more important then dancing.
Thoughts on the eliminated crew-  They were one of the best crews throughout all the seasons.  I am sorry you all got screwed as bad as you did.  You deserved better then that.

Thoughts on the episode as a whole- apart from the BS of the bottom I expected better from all the crews tonight.  I know all six crews could have done better.
Rankings based on tonight's performances
1. A.S.I.I.D.
2. SoReal Cru
3. Fanny Pak
4. Supreme Soul
5. Super Cr3w
6. Boogie Bots

Power rankings (based on average score)
1.  A.S.I.I.D. (8.2) eliminated
1.  Fanny Pak (8.2)
3.  SoReal Cru (7)
3.  Supreme Soul (6.8)
5.  Super Cr3w (6.2)
6.  Boogie Bots (5.5)
7.  Phresh Select (4.8) 7th place
8.  Distorted X (3.3) 10th place
9.  Xtreme Dance Force (2.5) 8th Place
10. Sass x7 (2.3) 9th Place
Teldon's Season Two Grade-A All American Bull**** Counter-4
Lil Mama Season Two Bring it Counter-0 (really starting to think it was season three was teh bring it season.  Should have made this the 'Lil mama WTF did she just say' counter).

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