Saturday, February 19, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch Review: Season 3, Episode 7 - Hip Hop Decathlon Challenge

Challenge #1: Hip-Hop Decathlon

All three crews must dance to a master mix of the following songs.  In addition they MUST incorporate a certain dance move when each song plays.

  • "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. Challenge Style: Threading     
  • "I'm in Miami (LA), Trick" by LMFAO. Challenge Style: Waving
  • "Love Lockdown" by Kanye West. Challenge Style: Tutting
  • "Closer" by Ne-Yo. Challenge Style: Housing      
  • "Get Up" by 50 Cent. Challenge Style: Krumping     
Beat Freaks
Was it clean? Surprisingly, no.  It is just shocking For this crew to be this out of sync with each other throughout the routine.  It wasn't just one time or a small section.  At least one member was off-step from the others at all times.  Their usual swag and energy was not there either.  4 pts
Was it well thought out? To a degree.  I will give them props for well thought out transitions, but it was what they did during each piece that brought it down. 6 pts
How well did they do the challenge? Not well at all.  I expected better from this crew and they disappointed.  The only section they did really well in was the waving section.  The rest were poorly done. 5 pts
What were the highlights?  It is only memorable for being so bleh.
Total points- 15 pts


Did America get it right?  Let's not act surprised here.  We knew Fly Khicks didn't have the fan base to save them and that Beat Freaks gave a visually stunning performance the week before.  I would have been more shocked if Quest would have ended up as the safe crew.

Quest Crew
Was it clean? Groin-grabbingly so.  While to me it seemed like there were sync issues for different pieces, I finally realized they really got into the style they were doing and there was none.  They did each set with an amazing degree of skill. 10 pts
Was it well thought out? OMG yes.  I loved the fact they strongly highlighted each member of the crew and gave him time to shine.  The transitions were not only great -- they popped right out at you and set up a strong coming attraction. 10 pts
How well did they do the challenge? While the crew as a whole may not be masters of any one style shown tonight, they highlighted the best person for the job and made him look better in each set.  Keeping the focus on that one person let the others do their best and not take away. 10 pts
What were the highlights?  Can I say the whole thing?
Total points -- 30 points

(Note- I will compare the three performances that got standing O's (Get Your Freak On-Fanny Pak, Hip-Hop Decathlon-Quest, and Ichiban-We Are Heroes) from the judges
in next season's write.  Let them stand on their own merits for right now.)

Fly Khicks
Was it clean? As with Beat Freaks,  there were sync issues throughout the routine.  Unlike Beat Freaks, they managed to hide them better and show more energy than the other two crews.  You could tell they wanted it badly. 6 pts
Was it well thought out? For most of the routine.  The opening to each section was done right up until we got to the tutting section. That's when things kinda fell apart in terms of showmanship and visual appeal. 6 pts
How well did they do the challenge? Surprisingly, I thought the only section they would do well at was the housing.  They not only did a good job there, but they handled threading and waving like they have been doing those styles forever.  While I admit the tutting was weak, I thought it was clever using their shoes in the routine.  8 pts
What were the highlights?  They had the best opening of the night.
What, if anything, took away from the performance? It went downhill once you got to the tutting section.
Total points- 20 pts

Did the judges get it right?  Yes and do I really need to explain why?
Thoughts on the eliminated crew- Love, love, love this crew.  Out of all five seasons they are still my favorites, even if they have gone their separate ways and gotten "real" jobs. They are everything I love in a girl crew.  Raw, sexy and high energy.  They may not have had the best start but they were fighters, sending almost half the cast home themselves. People may say they got lucky in each of the showdowns, but they straight up won and out-danced in all of them.  No one can take that away from them.
Tonight's Rankings (based on tonight's score)
1. Quest Crew 30 pts
2. Fly Khicks 20 pts
3. Beat Freaks 15 pts

Power rankings (based on placement average)
1. Beat Freaks (7.4)
2, Quest Crew (7.3)
3. Strikers All-Stars (7) 4th place
4. Fly Khicks (6.7) eliminated
5. Dynamic Edition (5.4) 5th place
6. Ringmasters (3.4) 6th Place
7. Team Millennia (3.3) 7th Place
8. Boxcuttahz (3.1) 8th Place
9. G.O.P. Dance (1.1) 9th Place
Challenge #2: Last Chance Challenge

Beat Freaks performing to an original set -- "Freak the Dream"
How well did this performance represent them as a crew-  While this is not as bad as I remembered it, it was pretty underwhelming compared to what they hae done earlier in the season.  At best, this should have been a Week 1 or 2 performance not a Last Chance Challenge.  The other main problem I had with it is that it took way too long to get set up.  Add in moves that did not pop out at you and you give a pretty bleh last impression.
My thoughts on the crew as whole formed throughout the season- I think I am one of the few fans of the show that did not like this crew.  While I admit they did a good job week to week, they just never really held my attention.  After the rewatch I am still kinda meh about them as a whole, but I can see why they got as far as they did.

Quest Crew performing to an original set "orQUESTra"
How well did this performance represent them as a crew-  OK, I will admit that I did not like this the first time I saw it and I still don't now.  Don't get me wrong: it is still an OK piece
that made up for Beat Freak's bleh performance earlier. But it makes me wonder how well either routine would have done if they would have been matched up with the Fly Khicks.  I think this one should have started a bit sooner then it did.  Normally I don't like stunts for stunts sake, but they really did an impressive job framing each one.  I just wish they would have added just a bit more.
My thoughts on the crew as whole formed throughout the season- Like with Beat Freaks,  I was not a fan of this crew.  After the re-watch I can honestly say I am a fan now.  I used to think that Quest held back the entire time to come and win it, but I see now they slowly built everything up week by week and held nothing back, especially when it mattered in the end.  Great job guys!
Out of the two who should win and why- Stats-wise this is pretty much a dead heat.  However, Quest took the gauntlet thrown down and beat the  crap out of the Freaks.  Not only with the best Hip Hop Decathlong routine but with a better Last Chance Challenge as well.

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