Saturday, February 26, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch review - Season 4, Episode 4 - Bollywood Challenge


Massive Monkees dancing to "Bang" by Rye Rye featuring M.I.A.      Challenge: Bhangra
Was it clean? For the most part.  They used amazing frame work from beginning to end, but they just a touch sloppy in some areas and in the transitions. 8 pts
Was it well thought out? Extremely well thought out.  They formed really pretty pictures on the stage and transitioned easily into the next set up for what they were doing. 9 pts
How well did they do the challenge? They shone here.  I thought that, out of all the six crews, this one would have the hardest time fusing the two styles together or that they would focus too hard on one or the other.  They made it look natural and exciting. 10 pts
What were the highlights? The transitions and the frames they made.
Total points- 27 pts

Vogue Evolution dancing to "Calabria 2008" by Enur     
Challenge Style: Rajasthani
Note- I really felt it tasteless the way they treated Leiomy's meltdown the week before.  They never really gave a real reason why she broke down and it was because a dear friend of hers had suddenly passed away.
Was it clean? For the most part it was.  Just a few timing issues toward the middle and Leiomy kinda slipped up at right before they went into the scarves section. 8 pts
Was it well thought out? They really shone in this area by giving us an image of a princess at the window of her tower.  They worked well together in setting up every formation and I gotta give them credit for doing the signature move of Leiomy's friend towards the end. 9 pts
How well did they do the challenge? At times it was hard to tell where the Bollywood began and the voguing began.  I think I had problems with that because the two styles are somewhat similar.  Nonetheless, it was a good job. 8 pts
What were the highlights? The scarf work and the ramp parts.
Total points- 25 pts
Note- Lil Mama hush yo mouth!  You are here to judge the dancing, not to admonish the dancers for behind the scenes crap that did not involve you.

Rhythm City dancing to "Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)" by A.R. Rahman and Pussycat Dolls     
Challenge Style: Bharatanatyam
Was it clean? As always, they had a clean performance.  They gave great energy and control of the first half of the routines, but they kinda struggled when it came time to the challenge move. 8 pts
Was it well thought out? Yes it was.  Like the others tonight, they transitioned well from one section to the next. Problem is they really didn't merge the two sections that seamlessly as they have done in the past.  They took too long going from their normal style to the Bharatanatyam section. 7 pts
How well did they do the challenge? This was the first group tonight where I didn't get a sense of fusion from the crew.  Sure, they added some elements to the first two-thirds of it in the form of poses and the last 1/3 was done well.  But I feel they did not capture the spirit of the challenge like the other groups had done tonight. 7 pts
What, if anything, took away from the performance? The transition from normal style to Bollywood style.  It's great that you wanna show respectm and all but you could have done it sooner (like at the beginning) and done it quicker.
Total points- 22 pts

AfroBoriké dancing to "Dance Bailalo" by Kat DeLuna     
Challenge Style: Kathak
Was it clean? Not so much.  I know it was difficult in the fusing of these two styles, and when it worked it worked well.  However, there were too many timing and sync errors to count. 7 pts
Was it well thought out? They really did have the best transitions of the night so far.  The creative partner work let them easily go into good floor work. 9 pts
How well did they do the challenge? For the most part they did well, but you could tell they struggled with this one.  Most of the errors in this routine happened when they fully focused on the Kathak section. 8 pts
What were the highlights? The mid-point partner work and the ending
Total points- 24 pts

Did America get it right? I could see BYFK in the bottom for a so-so season to this point but Afroborike really needed to be in the bottom again after that train wreck they had the week before.

We Are Heroes dancing to "Arab Money" by Busta Rhymes and Ron Browz     
Challenge Style: Giddha
Was it clean? For the most part, but with a few noticeable errors.  Ali was out of sync in the beginning section and of course there was Nichelle's bra malfunction.  Aside from that, it was a very clean fusion of the two styles. 8 pts
Was it well thought out? OMG they CAN use the stage!  Great levels at the beginning, with some good formation changes helped this one stand out.  The slot machine section was creative and unexpected as well. 9 pts
How well did they do the challenge? Kinda funny how the only all-male crew gets the most masculine style and the all-female crew gets the most feminine style,  and they both knock it out the park.  Like Massive Monkees,  they blended it perfectly into their style and made it unique and enjoyable to watch. 9 pts
What were the highlights? The slot machine and the bra toss.
Total points- 26 pts.

Beat Ya Feet Kings dancing to "So Fine" by Sean Paul     
Challenge Style: Garba
Was it clean? This was their cleanest routine to date.  However, the moves did not blend well and seemed a bit amateurish. 7 pts
Was it well thought out? I could tell they put their heart out there on the stage,  but their main problem returned.  It just felt like an extended set piece to me and nothing else really stood out. 6 pts
How well did they do the challenge? They really tried to incorporate the new moves into their routine.  While not perfect, they busted their butts to make it look good. 6 pts
What, if anything, took away from the performance? The fact it looked like a grade school performance.
Total points- 19 pts.

Did the judges get it right? Yeah they did.  As hard as BYFK fought and fought, they were just out-classed by the five remaining crews.
Thoughts on the eliminated crew- Porche -- you honey are a beast.  You and your crew are one of the few street crews that were not afraid to leave everything on the stage week after week and entertain us.  Best of luck to you all!

Thoughts on the episode as a whole- Much better then the previous week's episode and for such a gamble of a theme it really did pay off.  To me this is when the season really started to get good.
Tonights Rankings (based on tonight's score)
1. Massive Monkees 27 pts
2. We are Heroes 26 pts
3. Vogue Evolution 25 pts
4. AfroBoriké 24 Pts
5. Rhythm City 22 Pts
6. Beat Ya Feet Kings 19 Pts

Power rankings (based on placement average)
1. We are Heroes (6.5)
2. Massive Monkees (6.25)
2. Rhythm City (6.25)
2. Vogue Evolution (6.25)
5. AfroBoriké (5.25)
6. Southern Movement (5) 7th place
7. Artistry In Motion (4.5) 8th place
8. Beat Ya Feet Kings (4) eliminated
9. Fr3sh (1) 9th place

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