Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 2, Episode 9 - Championship Showdown

This is Teldon's Rewatch Review of America's Best Dance Crew Season 2's Championship Showdown. Thanks Teldon!
Challenge #1: Around The World Challenge

For the first challenge the crews must incorporate dances moves from different countries into their own style.
They will be dancing to a master mix with the following songs.
--"Mas Que Nada" by Sérgio Mendes featuring Black Eyed Peas
--"We Be Burnin'" by Sean Paul
--"The Anthem" by Pitbull featuring Lil Jon
--"Mundian To Bach Ke" by Panjabi MC featuring Twista

Super Crew-
How well did they handle the challenge? Very well in the fact I could tell each region when it came up.  It was like there were many completely different routines that were seamlessly sewn together to make an amazing well thought whole. To me the highlights were the transitions from each style to the other.  They set them up and next thing you know new style.
How well did this performance represent them as a crew?  Extremely well because it showed their normal style of dance can easily be Incorporated into other styles of dance very strongly and without taking away from either style.

SoReal Cru-
How well did they handle the challenge?  They handled it passably.  Most of the routine looked like they were thinking about what they should be doing and did not mesh well with each section.  At other times they just looked lost, like in the Brazil and India sections.
How well did this performance represent them as a crew- Not that great to be honest.  I could tell they stepped out their comfort zone for this one and it just felt clunky.  This was not up to their usual standards they have shown in the past 5 episodes.
Challenge #2: Original Dance Craze Challenge

Now that we have seen how well the crews can dance to other cultures style of dance, we get to see what happens when they have complete control of their music to help create a new dance move.  Will it fly or fail?  Will be laughing our butts off? Let's find out!

Super Cr3w dancing to "S To The Chest"
How well did they handle the challenge?  To be honest I really did not like that song or dance move.  The performance as a whole felt weak, like they were trying to focus on the hand sign more but but just did it enough to pass the challenge level.  With that said once they dance move was done and they got into their normal dancing things picked up significantly.  However, I am gonna blame the editing department on this one for the fact in the second half of the song it focused to much on the audience and not the crew.  Hard to form a real opinion because of it.
How well did this performance represent them as a crew-  The dance move was clunky and not shown well.  Their dancing in the rest was OK but not up to the level they showed earlier in the night.

SoReal Cru dancing to "Smash It Up"
How well did they handle the challenge? Again did not like the song or the move.  However, they made it work for them and Incorporated well into their normal style.  Will give them props for using a slow beat and for the Hulk hands.
How well did this performance represent them as a crew- Much better then their around the world segment.  The smooth and hard moves were back in force and well done.
Challenge #3: Last Chance Challenge

Unlike other Last Chance Challenges from other seasons, this time they choose a song they want to dance to instead of making an original score.  This is the two crews last performance to leave an impression on t he voting audience. 

Super Cr3w   "Give It Up or Turn It Loose" by James Brown
How well did this performance represent them as a crew-  It fit them like a glove.  The beginning where they did partner work in spotlights was completely unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable.  The second half showcased their normal style well and was clean.
Overall thoughts on Super Cr3w- Before I started this I was not a fan.  After finally rewatching the whole season I can how and why they made it to the end. The only real problem they had was consistency in the beginning of the show and they worked on it and improved.

SoReal Cru dancing to "A Milli" by Lil Wayne
How well did this performance represent them as a crew- Like Super Crew it was a perfect routine for them.  The beginning came out of left field and was just as inspired as SC's opening. Once out of the strightjackets they came harder then they have all season and left it all on the dance floor.
Overall thoughts on SoReal Cru-  My issues of them having no personalities quickly dissolved as time went on.  Like with Super Cr3w I can see why and how they made it this far.  Very good crew and they did an excellent job throughout the season.

Who I think will win based off this episode-  Unlike the other four seasons, I could not call this one.  For the only time you had both crews, while different, at the exact same level. Both did an outstanding job this episode and I wish that I had not been a little brat when it first aired and watched it.
Thoughts on this episode as a whole-  Simply amazing dancing form both sides.  While I liked the idea of the top two getting an entire episode to themselves you could see where both crews looked a touch tired and I am glad they reverted to the standardized form for later seasons.

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