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Teldon's ABDC Rewatch Review - Season 4, Episode 2: Beyonce Challenge


We Are Heroes dancing to "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" by Beyoncé     
Challenge: Take the section of the video known as "The Grind" and create their own version
Was it clean? More so then their previous entry. This time I could not find any mistakes, but I think it is just me but something felt off the entire time. 8 pts
Was it well thought out? To a degree and I think it was because they still stayed in a what seemed like a 10 ft x 12 ft rectangle. The transitions and moves were done well and with flair, but if you just stay in pretty much one spot that does take away from the whole thing and I am glad they got called out on that. 8 pts
How well did they do the challenge? While they certainly brought the right attitudes and moves to the challenge, I really did not like the staking strobe butt effect they did.  Sure it was creative, but just a bit too weird for my tastes. 8 pts
What were the highlights? The opening and the ending were some of the best done on the show.
What, if anything, took away from the performance? Not using the stage to its fullest effect.
Total points- 24 Pts

Rhythm City dancing to "Sweet Dreams" by Beyoncé     
Challenge: Update "The Charleston" which is featured in the video
 Okay -- before we begin --this was the episode I really started to hate this crew. Their dismissive attitude for the challenge given to them (like it was beneath them) just really got on my nerves. Shut up junkie and do your damn challenge!
Was it clean? Yes but not quite as clean as the week before.  Just a few timing errors in the beginning and some when they were doing the challenge. 8 pts
Was it well thought out? Told a good story and had a creative beginning, middle, and end.  Transitions were great as well. 10 pts
How well did they do the challenge? This is where they messed up and messed up badly.  Only around four seconds of it met the challenge, and unlike We are Heroes's 4 seconds it did not stand out at all.  I had to rewatch that section around five times just to see a two person dance on the floor.  It was bland, basic and added nothing new.  Besides the song playing in the back ground, I did not get the Beyoncé vibe from this routine at all. 1 pts
What were the highlights? Wonderful opening and that was the first crew I ever saw on stage that made a huge set piece work for them, instead of just take up space.
What, if anything, took away from the performance? The challenge section.
Total points- 19 pts

Massive Monkees dancing to "Work It Out" by Beyoncé     
Challenge: Dance with hula hoops without accidentally dropping them
Was it clean? Like I said before, these bboys are the cleanest ones I have ever seen.  However, they lost themselves this week.  When they were doing their moves they were all together, all on point and all in sync.  The problem was there was so little dancing in this routine. 7 pts
Was it well thought out? This just felt like a hot mess to me.  While I appreciate the old college try they gave, nothing really made sense. 6 pts
How well did they do the challenge? They get an A for effort.  However, I think if they would have had only one or two of the guys at a time, playing with and being flirty as only guys can, while using the hoops, it would have made for a better performance.  7 pts
What were the highlights? The partner work simulating hooping in the middle.
What, if anything, took away from the performance? everything else.
Total points- 20 pts

Beat Ya Feet Kings dancing to "Crazy In Love" by Beyoncé     
Challenge: Booty-pop with never-before-seen flare
Was it clean? They still feel a bit basic to me when they go out outside their GOGO style.  It is nice seeing them add other things into their normal style, but they need more practice.  It was a bit tighter than Week 1, but there was still sync and timing errors in it. 7 pts
Was it well thought out? Now I am most likely gonna get some hate for this one but it felt like it was just one long seizure from beginning to end. It didn't feel like there was any beginning, middle, or end to it. 5 pts
How well did they do the challenge? They handled this surprisingly well and --dare I say it-- with a bit more enthusiasm than the other crews.  Everyone in the crew channeled their inner Beyoncé for this and Porche did it more then the other ladies this episode, so far.  They popped their butts most of the routine and when they highlighted and made it the focus towards the end, they gave some cute and clean levels. 9 pts
What were the highlights? The formation booty pop
What, if anything, took away from the performance? While not a great routine, nothing really took away from it
Total points- 21 pts

Southern Movement dancing to "Jumpin' Jumpin'" by Destiny's Child     
Challenge: Bust out all of the moves from the video with new creativity
Was it clean? It seems being in the bottom last week gave this crew a nice kick in the pants.  They were tighter then they were last week with no mistakes. 8 pts
Was it well thought out? To a degree. I couldn't tell there was distinct parts to it and like BYFK it felt like one long piece with no breaks to it. 7 pts
How well did they do the challenge? This was another area they shone.  They were able to fuse their normal style with Beyoncé's style like it was the easiest thing in the world.  They could have brought a bit more attitude to the piece though. 8 pts
What were the highlights? Thing is nothing really stood out this performance to me.
What, if anything, took away from the performance? Same thing: nothing stood out to me.
Total points- 23 pts

Vogue Evolution dancing to "Déjà Vu" by Beyoncé     
Challenge: Perform African-style dancing within their routine
Was it clean?  Cleanest of the night and they made everything snap at you. 10 pts
Was it well thought out? Yes but it felt like some of the others tonight.  To me it felt like it had no real beginning, middle and end sections. 8 pts
How well did they do the challenge? Guuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllll these bitches defiantly brought Beyoncé to the stage spiritually, mentally, and physically. The African moves were blended so well into their routine that I thought it was natural for them to be doing them. Also, who
 would have thought a transgender woman could out-do the rest of the girls when it came to embodying Beyoncé? 10 pts
What were the highlights? The fact that Leiomy used her hair like it was a prop
Total points- 28 pts

Did America get it right?  Seriously -- they put Artistry in Motion in the bottom?  I just wanna know what the heck were they smokin?  I could see Afroborike belonging there

Artistry In Motion dancing to "Diva" by Beyoncé     
Challenge: Perform with chains incorporating the entire crew
Was it clean?  For having such a weird prop -- yes it was.  All the ladies were on point and killed it at any given time. It needed more energy though. 10 pts
Was it well thought out? Again -- it makes it hard to plan when you have a hard prop to use in the routine.  They rose to the occasion and told a story that made sense and justified the extended use of the chain. 10 pts
How well did they do the challenge? The attitude was there, the look was there, the prop was there.  The only thing that wasn't was the energy. If they would have came just a touch harder, it would have been a home run. 9 pts
What were the highlights? The entire performance.
Total points- 29 pts

AfroBoriké dancing to "Beautiful Liar" by Beyoncé and Shakira     
Challenge: Work exotic Shakira-like moves into the routine
Was it clean? 3 for 3 for yet another flawless routine.  They seem to have found their stride and managed to balance out phenomal partner work with good stage work. 10 pts
Was it well thought out? Yes. Everything made sense and transistioned well.  As with other great routines it kept building on itself to make a stronger whole. 10 pts
How well did they do the challenge? Damn that was sexy without being too slutty.  They owned the challenge given to them and all six members pulled their wieght when it came time to do the specialty moves. They made it all look easy. 10 pts
What were the highlights? The entire performance.
Total points- 30 pts

Did the judges get it right? For this episode they did.  But I would like to think what would have happened if Artistry in Motion had stayed.  We know what Afroborike does the rest of the season and it never came close how well they did in this episode.
Thoughts on the eliminated crew- A very talented crew with a ton of potential that was shot down way too early.

Thoughts on the episode as a whole- Honestly not as bad as I remembered it. Rhythm City and Southern Movement were definitely better then I remembered from the first time I watched this episode. Overall, most of the crews did okay. I feel the rankings reflect that at this point (unlike past seasons) there is still  no clear front runners.
Tonight's Rankings (based on tonight's score)
1. AfroBoriké 30 pts
2. Artistry In Motion 29 pts
3. Vogue Evolution 28 pts
4. We Are Heroes 24 pts
5. Southern Movement 23 pts
6. Beat Ya Feet Kings 21 pts
7. Massive Monkees 20 pts
8. Rhythm City 19 pts

Power rankings (based on placement average)
1. Artistry In Motion (7) eliminated
1. Vogue Evolution (7)
3. AfroBoriké (6)
4. Massive Monkees (5.5)
4. Rythum City (5.5)
4. We are Heroes (5.5)
7. Southern Movement (4.5)
8. Beat Ya Feet Kings (3)
9. Fr3sh (1) 9th place
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