Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ABDC6 auditions spotlight - LA Pt. 1: 25/8, Elektrolytes, Entity, Fallen Kings, Flavas, Freshh, Freshh 2.0

  • More on the auditioners in Los Angeles for America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 who made it to the callback round:
  • Fallen Kings from California includes dancers who used to be part of Flex Flav and auditioned in that group fro ABDC Season 4. Click here for Minor Effect's vlog at the ABDC6 auditions that shows the group practicing in the street. Follow them on Facebook and DereleekTV Youtube.

  • Flavas is the youth group for 25/8, who also made it to the callback round of ABDC6 (you can see them in the Pacific Rim interview on the first page). The members range from 10to 17 years old.They also competed at World of Dance Hawaii as 24/7 Teens.
  • Freshh is yet another talented Canadian crew. In 2009, they won Third Place at Junior Division of Hip Hop International finals and won First Place in 2007. As far as I can tell, they are separate (but equal!) from Freshh 2.0 from the same dance company called Fresh Groove Productions. Follow them on Facebook  and Freshgrooveproductions.

  • Freshh 2.0 won First Place at the 2010 Junior Divisions for Hip Hop International, from the same company as Freshh (see above). You can follow them on Facebook  and Freshgrooveproductions.
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