Saturday, February 19, 2011

ABDC6 audition Spotlight NY Pt. 1: 8 Count, Boston Tap Co, Da Emperorz, D-Code, Hip'notic Phlava, ICONic Boyz/Girlz

More on crews that auditioned for America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 in New York and made it to the callback round:
  • D-CODE is a Dance Team from DixVersions Studios in Quebec City, Canada that finished 10th at  2010 Hip Hop International. Follow them on Facebook (in French) and GABMR23 Youtube.

  • ICONic Boyz are a junior group that is part of the ICONic Dance Complex, home of ICONic  (America's Best Dance Crew Season 1). The group was shown on Live to Dance, the Apollo, and Hip Hop International 2010; and members have appeared in commercials and on the Disney Channel. Gendance posted this interview with their leader, GEO. Follow them at,  and Facebook.
  • ICONic Girlz are the female junior group from ICONic dance complex. I couldn't find anything specifically about this group, but members are shown as part of ICONic Kids

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