Saturday, February 5, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 2, Episode 6 - Bring the Beat Challenge

This is Teldon's Rewatch Review for America's Best Dance Crew Season 2's Bring the Beat Challenge. Thanks for this series, Teldon!

Fanny Pak dancing to "Spaz" by N.E.R.D. 
Gym Activity: P.E.
What I liked- I liked the fact they we able to include a hurt member to the fullest in this routine.  It also told a nice story.
What I did not like- Everything else.  They lost me just a few seconds in.  The story was there but there no real dancing in it.
Overall performance for the season- Their level of creativity grows each week but this week is a major stumble for them.

SoReal Cru dancing to "Tambourine" by Eve featuring Swizz Beatz and Sean Garrett.

Gym Activity: Band Practice
What I liked- They were smart and just got their challenge done with quickly at the beginning and ended with it at the end. The dancing was placed well on their set.  What little stunt work they did was well thought out and executed. They made it fit perfectly.  Finally, really great use of props in the routine.
What I did not like- Like Fanny Pak they lost me right out the gate.  Dancing was not quite up to the standard they have set for themselves.  I am starting to think that is going to be a trend for this episode.
Overall performance for the season- Out of all the crews this one is the most consistent but has yet to really break out and wow me.

Boogie Bots Dancing to "Universal Mind Control" by Common featuring Pharrell
Gym Activity: Bench Warmers
What I liked- The fact that they woke me up for the first time this episode.  Every time they used a prop, it was well thought out and clean.  They made the props work for them when they danced.  Their dancing was finally clean and very together as well.
What I did not like- That it ended.
Overall performance for the season- They have been under the radar and just hanging around up till this episode.  Tonight they showed us they want to win and they have the moves to back it up.

Did America get it right? As much as I want to call BS on this I cant.  Both crews were equally disappointing the previous episode.

Super Cr3w Dancing to "Don't Touch Me (Throw da Water on 'em)" by Busta Rhymes     
Gym Activity: Basketball
What I liked- The dancing was well done for the most part and the ending was very nice.
What I did not like- It took way too long to get started.  Again they sat someone out for far too long.  As par for the course the dancing was sloppy throughout.
Overall performance for the season- Again this was a meh performance.  I think they hit their stride about a month ago and have not come above it.

Supreme Soul Dancing to "Church" by T-Pain     
Gym Activity: Ice hockey
What I liked-  Their concept of a hockey game was well done.  With good use of props and stunts that fit, it helped make this performance good.
What I did not like- Several timing issues throughout the routine.
Overall performance for the season- Like Super Cr3w they hot their peak a few weeks ago but they do manage to always entertain.

Side note- OK, what Lil Mama did in the critique section was BULL####!!  I know you can be frustrated with behind the scenes work but you don't EVER say that about a crew if they are not onstage.  She was mostly positive about them through out the season and for that to come out of nowhere like that is just whack.

Did the Judges get it right?  Again fancy stunts beat dancing every time.  I have made my feelings on that clear before.
Thoughts on the eliminated crew- Supreme Soul was a good crew that was unfairly labeled at the beginning of the show.  Out of the two it is Super Cr3w that comes off as the cocky asses.  I am saddened that this crew is no longer around but I am glad they are still doing work together.  This show used them and then just spit them out.

Thoughts on the episode as a whole-  With the exception of the Boogie Bots, this was a fairly lackluster show.  I hate the fact set challenges are not used any more but I can see why now.
Rankings based on tonight's performances
1. Boogie Bots
2. SoReal Cru
3. Supreme Soul
4. Super Cr3w
5. Fanny Pak

Power rankings (based on average score)
1.  Fanny Pak (7.8)
2.  A.S.I.I.D. (7.6) 6th place
3.  SoReal Cru (7.1)
4.  Supreme Soul (7) Eliminated
5.  Super Cr3w (6.2)
6.  Boogie Bots (6.1)
7.  Phresh Select (4.7) 7th place
8.  Distorted X (3) 10th place
9.  Xtreme Dance Force (2.5) 8th Place
10. Sass x7 (1.7) 9th Place

Teldon's Season Two Grade-A All American Bull**** Counter-5
Lil Mama Season Two Bring it Counter-0

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