Thursday, May 3, 2012

'Dance's' review of ABDC Drake Challenge

Fanny Pak is Back!! I'm so, I'm so, I'm so proud of you!! I've been waiting for this performance all season. My other 2 favorite performances this week were RNG and 8 Flavahz. I watched 8 Flavahz performance very closely and I don't think everyone caught all of the details that they did in their performance. They were doing really difficult lifts and turns. Go to dance class, which I do 3 times a week and try and do those lifts and turns without hesitation. It's not as easy as it seems! Believe me because I've tried to do it myself. RNG had their best performance all season and brought great energy to the stage! Keep it up RNG! 
Here is my ranking of the crews from favorite to least favorite performance.

1) Fanny Pak: I've been waiting for this performance all season. They came to compete just in time. During the first two episodes, they just showed a little taste of what they can do, but they really came with their power this week! Fanny Pak is very intelligent and thoughtful and it showed in their interpretation of Drake's I'm So Proud of You. I loved when Natalie Gilmore came out to the center and they all went right into hard hitting choreo. They interpret the lyrics of the song in a great way and they also have musicality and they interpret the beats creatively as well. I can't wait to see what they can do next week. Fanny Pak from Season 2 is back with all of their hype energy and crazy surprises. I'm so, I'm so, I'm so happy for you and proud of you Fanny Pak too! That rhymed haha!

 2) RNG: They came with great energy this week right from the first musical note! Best performance they had all season. I loved that they finally used the entire stage. I also loved how hyped they got! They had a nice grooving section, which is always fun to watch and a great intro. I'm glad that they are using the entire stage and are more spread out. For next week they should work on more levels and have people do different things in the choreo. I just want to see them mix up their choreo more. I also wished that they ended their performance better, with something more eye catching. What I loved is their energy from the beginning and that's what carried them throughout the performance.

3) 8 Flavahz: I personally loved this performance. They didn't just dance to beats and individual 8 counts, but they danced to entire bars of music. I'm currently taking house classes and house is all about musicality and feeling the music, so that's where my thoughts about their performance is coming from. They felt the music and it came from their souls. What they did with their sweaters is very hard to do. You try and do that with 7 other people. It was a great effect and many bboys are known to do that in competitions from time to time. They did about 3 or 4 lifts into turns, which is very hard to do and it shows their ballet training. They have great flexibility and natural movement about them and that makes their performances great to watch. They also have great personalities on and off the stage and this shows in their dancing because their dancing is always big and bold and filled with life. They are very intelligent dancers and are always filled with great energy. Keep being strong and never give up! I love 8 Flavahz and they are personally my favorite crew on the show.

4) Elektrolytes: The beginning was good and they came out hyped and filled with energy. However, when it got to the coat trick, that kind of lost me, and then they kind of lost their energy from there. I wished they ended their performance with something more explosive and eye catching. I want them to do something surprising next week and also don't forget to dance. Elektrolytes can do so many styles of dancing like popping and locking. Don't forget to take the time to bring those styles out. I think the performance went by too fast, with too much going on. I bet in person it was way better, but on camera it could have looked better. They always have great energy, but I feel like that they can do much more and are capable of doing much more. Surprise us and come next week showing off the different styles of dance that you can do. Live in the moment and let the audience absorb and take in your movements.

5) StepBoys: They were funny this week! They made me laugh! They had their best performance this week. I like the tumbling effect with the Teddy Bear and how his team members tossed him in the air and how high he went up and turned 360 degrees. That was very impressive and showed how much he trusted his teammates. StepBoys had their best performance this week, filled with acrobatic movements and humor. They did very well and should be proud of themselves. Good job StepBoys!

6) Mos Wanted Crew: I think this performance looked better in person than it did on TV. It didn't read well on camera. On camera, I think you should take the time to show a specific section and allow time for the camera to catch it, so it can resonate in the minds of the viewer. I feel like the performance went by way too fast and they were doing way too many movements and I couldn't keep up with the performance. The performance did have great choreo in specific sections and had it's moments. However, I feel like some parts were jumbled and some of the formations in the beginning could have been cleaner. Mos Wanted came with greatness in the first week, so I want to see them bring this again next week.

7) Collizion Crew: I feel like they could have done better also. I feel like parts of the performance were really good and parts of the performance got choppy in sections like that they were over thinking their movements. Collizion Crew is known for their smoothness, so they need to keep that going next week. I loved the tutting section because it had a groove to it. However, the car could have been better and the helicopter was ok. Keep up your smooth and creative style and don't over think when dancing.
Overall, I feel that Fanny Pak, RNG, and 8 Flavahz made what they do look easy and lived in their performances. Elektrolytes, StepBoys, Mos Wanted Crew, and Collizion Crew were doing steps and not making it look as if it was coming from within. I preferred Fanny Pak, RNG, and 8 Flavahz this week and those are the three performances that were the best in my opinion for this week's episode of ABDC.

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