Saturday, May 26, 2012

Photos from ABDC's LMFAO Challenge Taping

More backstage photos from America's Best Dance Crew's LMFAO challenge:

Sthanlee has several wonderful photos, including this one of 8 Flavahz:

Here's Sthanlee's photo of Elektrolytes:

And his portrait of Fanny Pak members with Riquel Olander (our guest interviewer for the week:

Chris Trondsen has some photos too, including this one of JP Goldstein of Mos Wanted Crew about to get his head shaved:

Here's Chris' photo of Bailey (RNG) in his LMFAO finery:
And here's Chris with JC Chasez:

And a photo (unattributed) of Riquel Olander and Chris Trondsen:
The_Real_Winson tweeted a photo of the stage set up for the group number
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