Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chupaka's spoiler-free preview of ABDC's Drake Challenge

Chupaka attended the taping of Americas' Best Dance Crew's Drake Challenge. Here is a spoiler-free, edited version of some things to look for on the episode. Thanks, Chupaka!

8 Flavahz - They danced to "Find Your Love". They wore Black clothes with a Purple Bandana tied on their head. The performance was dedicated to one of the girl's mom because she is suffering from Cancer. It was very emotional, get a tissue ready. But they also added some Gangsta style in there as well. It was very amazing on how they blended Emotional with Gangsta. 

Collizion - They danced to "Over". I forgot what they wore. Drake was definitely in their Comfort Zone. It had some Grooving and a little bit of Stunts and some Popping. 

Elektrolytes - They danced to "Headlines". They wore nothing but Black. They had a few surprises up their sleeves with this one. they showed some stunts and very cool tricks, as usual. They also showed some magic by making it appear as if one of them was floating like wtf. and yes Chris did perform with them. 
Fanny Pak- Danced to "Make me Proud", wore very random things. LOL. They put a twist on Drake which I liked. 

Mos Wanted Crew - danced to "The Motto", how ironic. Forgot what they wore. The choreo was good and they really want this.

Rated Next Generation RNG)- Danced to "HYFR". wore Camoflauge. They got in the groove   with their high Swagger and Choreography

Stepboys - Danced to "Best I Ever Had". wore Purple and Pink Tuxedos. Probably one of the funniest routines in ABDC history. 

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