Friday, May 18, 2012

Dance Hero JP Season 3, Episode 1 Recap

オドルノスキー (or as Google Translate tells me, Odorunosuki) doesn't seem to follow any one particular style, but seems to have a pechant for strange situations (I think the ending has something to do with a milk commercial? Not so sure.)
-Tokyo Foot Workz is a house based crew (a style I wish we saw more of on ABDC), and they represent multiple styles of house well - from flowly, floating house, to very fast, erratic house. They even throw in a bit of dougie, and make it work.Wait for the ending when it goes dark for a special surprise.
-Tokyo Beat Surf is a crew that performed on season 2 and came back for another shot. Last season they focused on having one coherent story between their three routines, but I think this season they're focusing more on technique and musicality.They have elements of bboy and popping as well as newstyle in there in a presentation that really gives the music physical form.
-Area Rock Styler is a crew that took Season 2 off, having not won season 1. They're similar to Tokyo Beat Surf in that their focus is on paying attention to musicality, but I would say they're a tad stronger in bboying.
-Trick Star - Don't let their name fool you. They don't really do many flips or highly athletic moves, but they may have one of my favorite routines of the night. Even if the Youtube video glitches and doesn't show it, they have a wicked thousand-hands-style section to Daft Punk's Derezzed, and the rest of their routine is just as precise and robotic. Very similar to Season 1's Time Machine.
-Twiggz Fam is another crew returning from Season 1. One of my favorite crews ever, they are actually the Japanese branch of Tight Eyez's Street Kingdom family. And they really live up to their heritage, bringing some of the rawest,dopest, buckest krump and krump-ography you'll ever see.
-All Genre Blenders could be called the RNG of this season. They're mostly teenagers, but that doesn't mean they can't dance. They have a lot of swagger and technique, with their choreography more bouncy than most.
-LnP is an all female group that's very different stylistically from the rest of the crews (you'll see what I mean). They do a routine to the song "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago, I believe. I didn't personally care much for them, but check them out anyway, you may be interested.
-City Lights Tokyo is a crew that I feel could use some work in how they package their routine - they spend about half of it doing a tough guy act. That said, when they do get to dancing (to Niggas in Paris), they do pretty good, if not amazingly.
-ぱいまちょ歌劇団 (or Cho Opera Company) is... pretty indescribable. Mostly because their costumes are very distracting. If you decide to watch this, make sure there are no small children looking over your 1shoulders, or elderly relatives with heart problems. You have been warned.

So after you've watched these routines, let us know what you think of the show. Is there space for something like this format here in the States? Could ABDC benefit from a format change? How do you think these crews would do on the ABDC stage? 

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