Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review of ABDC Pitbull Challenge from iNSIGHT (a Bay area Dancer)

Elektrolytes - Their song was "I Know You Want Me" and their challenge was Brazilian Capoeira. In my opinion, it wasn't their best, but it was most definitely an athletic and fun piece. 
-The judges were on point when they said that THEY didn't take over their challenge, but the challenge took over them.
- I felt in a way, it was repetitive, but considering the complexity and difficult of learning Brazilian Capoeira in a week, they did a pretty good job. I do think they could have done a bit more hip-hop choreography and less "fighting" choreography, but it did work out. 
-I found myself having a hard time getting into the routine because of the repetition, but they did what they do best, and this challenge really highlighted their versatility and athleticism. This performance would definitely still have impressed non-dancers and those less versed in dance. 
-These guys are amazing dancers, and I'd like to see a number where they don't do as many flips, because this is ABDC season 7 now, and we've seen all the flips. We need more. But seeing how their challenge was Capoeira, it did work out. Overall, I'd give it a 7/10.
8 Flavahz - Their song was "Hey Baby" and their challenge was to do the "Can-Can". These girls simply do not disappoint, do they? 

-They owned their challenge by not simply touching on it but really owning it. They still managed to incorporate their task without having it own THEM, and they really highlighted their arsenal of dance styles as well. 
-Not only that, but they took their challenge to the next level by using their outfits to their advantage. Refer to the point where 2 girls are in the front doing duo-front hand springs; their vibrant outfits gave us an amazing illusion. Visually outstanding. 
-Not only that, but they went back to their roots, tore off their "Can-Can" outfits, and did fast, fun, and hard hip-hop choreography. 
-They put a little theatre into this number as well with Cam as the "Ringmaster".
- I do have to say that they could have worked harder on was their transitions. I found them running to their different formations rather than working it out. Also, I notice this a lot from their routines but they don't seem to have a very strong sense of formations and stage-utilization. 
-The movement of the crew as a unit seems to be a bit one-dimensional. I'd like to see them work as a whole for a change, but hey, they're young and they're leaning. But still, overall, amazing performance yet again by 8 Flavahz. Overall, 8/10
Mos Wanted Crew - Ah, now we have one of ABDC's most controversial crews, and personally my favorites, but that doesn't mean they get off the hook! Their song was "Give Me Everything" and their challenge was Russian Barynya. I know this was yet again, another rough week for them, so let's break it down shall we?

-First off, POWERFUL intro. Really got into the performance right off the bat. Then they got into some original Mos Wanted Crew choreography, which I absolutely loved.  
-But yes, it happened. Jun failed to catch the hat whilst doing the air chair. YIKES! But they recovered quickly, which lessened my tension a bit. 
-Then they got into their challenge. OWNED IT. I know this is a choreography crew, so it was smart of them to have Ricky, and Jawn do the challenge while the rest did some subtle movements to the side, highlighting the Barynya, because we know that they aren't all as athletic as some members. 
-They really got into the vibe as well, with the poses and formations and such.
- Now we have Jun taking on the challenge, but it happened again! Brian failed to clear Jun whilst jumping over him, resulting in the biggest  mistake of the night. OUCH! 
-Then it started to fall apart and I noticed some sloppy angles. I could tell their nervousness was really getting the best of them now. 
-Then the final segment consisted of more choreography with Ricky, the trooper that he is, unwilling to give up and staying in character, ended the piece with a side-flip across the stage.

 D-Trix was SOO right when he said this would've been their best performance EVER on this show, and I agree 100%. Powerful intro, flawless choreography, great execution of the CHALLENGE (notice I said challenge and not performance), and great character. But the fact remains that they did fail doing 2/3 of their stunts, which were a vital part of the performance and was horrifically obvious. Great routine, poor performance.

I know we had high expectations for this crew, and I know how much hate they're getting. But I also know how much support they're getting, and it's well deserved. These guys are doing their best, and they're not gods. They're dancers like the rest of us. What they bring to the stage is so completely different than we're used to seeing. They bring original and unique choreography, which isn't always visually outstanding, as we're used to seeing crews like Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, IaMmE, etc. But nonetheless, these guys are a amazing dancers. I know they're hyped, but you know what? Just because they screwed up, like ALL HUMANS do, doesn't mean they don't have the skill, talent, and experience to back it up.  Judge them on their talent, and not their fanbase. So, I do have to say that they need to sharpen up their odds and ends and work harder. This crew is golden and I'd hate to see them leave. But seeing how the other crews are really evolving, they will soon be surpassed on this show. Again, GREAT routine, but poor performance. Overall, 6/10. Sorry guys. Keep moving, just like Lil' Mama said and redeem yourselves next week.

Fanny Pak - Their song was "International Love" and their challenge was to do Bollywood. Seriously, Fanny Pak? Still blowing my mind week after week? Just like 8F, never disappointing. I literally have nothing more to say than they..
-KILLED their challenge
-WORKED their transitions
-Got into character
-Literally incorporated Bollywood into Fanny Pak's STYLE and choreography (not just incorporating Bollywood into their routine)
-Used the stage to the fullest extent
-Gave us amazing formations
-Took advantage of their outfits by not only giving visuals but with Glenda in the end collecting all the garments
-Precision (intricate hand movements)

What more can I say than that? Amazing. Brilliant.  These guys are relentless and they're going for the gold. That's all I can say. 10/10
Rated Next Generation - Their song was "Hotel Room Service" and their challenge was to do Chinese Dance of One-Thousand Hands. The bottom 2 were truly the best of the night. 

What they accomplished was so brilliant:
. They knew their challenge was derivative from that of the Chinese Culture, so they took advantage of the opportunity by seizing the precision, giving us a little Martial Arts Choreography, and getting into character (i.e the intro where they make their way across the stage with their hands folded, bowing like "Fanny Pak, get ready to fight".) 
-They really took the criticism from their Flo-Rida performance of not utilizing the stage as much and they could worked it out. Also, the utilization of the fans was brilliant as well. They didn't hold anything back when moving around and about the stage, which in fact is a bit difficult to pull off without seeming repetitive. 
-Another smart thing they did was that they didn't stick to only one style; they incorporated their challenge, and I still saw some floor work, footwork, ballet, and housing.
- They still gave us that RNG choreography and they absolutely KILLED THE BEATS of the remix. 
-I love the fact they when they got into character, THEY GOT INTO CHARACTER. They didn't simply touch on it here and there, but they stayed with it the WHOLE PERFORMANCE. Props to them! 
-They went hard when they needed to, and they took it slow when necessary, which is a big deal for them because they seemed to be attempting to 'go hard' every week, and frankly, it started to show that they're one-dimensional. (i.e For the J-Lo challenge, it was supposed to be a fun and laidback performance taking into the consideration their challenge, but them trying to give us some hard hip-hop choreography didn't really mix well.) 

This was their best performance yet, and this late in the competition is a REALLY good thing because they improve week after week after week. What more to say? These young dancers are truly growing on this show, and win or not, they have something to show not only to America, but to the world. It makes me proud that the youth crews are really making a name for themselves. Outstanding performance. 10/10
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