Thursday, May 31, 2012

iNSIGHT reviews ABDC's LMFAO Challenge

Mos Wanted Crew - Their song was “Sexy and I Know It” and their  challenge was to create a catwalk on stage. 
-First off, I agree 100% with the judges that this was definitely not their best performance. I’m a MWC fan and I’m willing to admit that right off the bat. 
- what I loved about this particular routine was the fact that they really gave the LMFAO feel and attitude. LMFAO is energetic, funny, and really out there, and I thought what they did was smart because they really got into character, really letting it emanate through their performance as they did all season long (e.g., during Drake week, they really took their time and killed the choreography along with giving us that sort of Drake‘swag’.) 
-They had great energy, great choreography, and killer execution of the challenge. 
-I found it very interesting when JC said that it seemed a bit slow at times, because MWC is known for being selective when hitting the beats (they don’t stick to the obvious beats), so that wasn’t really too much of a big problem in my eyes. 
-I do have to say that this performance does pale in comparison to their others. I didn’t really find anything necessarily ‘wrong’,but it just wasn’t their best. It wasn’t. But overall, great job! Overall, I’d give it a 7/10
Elektrolytes - Their song was “Champagne Showers” and theirchallenge was to not only DO the ‘Ro bot’, but to create a giant robot.
 -Elektrolytes did a fantastic job this week. They not only killed their challenge, but they did it THREE different times!

- I feel they were smart by really giving the audience the robotic feel and sticking to it the whole performance. I really got into it right off the bat when they started it off with some robotic precision
-Another strong aspect from this performance was the fact that they didn’t do AS many flips, which I absolutely appreciated.  Although they still did what they do best, their focal point was their challenge, just like it should be. 
-But I do have to say that I felt it was repetitive, in away. They started off with their challenge, which was great. Then they spread out, did some choreography, then back into the robot formation, spread out again with some choreography, and then back to the robot. I felt it was the same count the whole routine.  Robot > spread, dance > Robot > spread, dance >Robot. Although they did really blow me away, I felt like it was repetitive as an overall routine. 
-They had great execution of the challenge, great character, great stunts, great dancing.
 Overall, I’d give it an 8/10.
Rated Next Generation - Their song was “Sorry For Party Rockin’” and their challenge was to ‘Tut’ and jump through the arms of another member. 

-Just like always, RNG killed their choreography. This is a dance show, so it’s refreshing to see a crew like this one to keep it real and keep it fresh.
- I agree with JC when he said their tutting wasn’t his favorite. I felt they could have killed the tutting so much more considering their skill and potential! 
-They didn’t kill their other challenge either. They did 2 jumps throughout the whole routine, and I felt it was on a rather mediocre level.
-a strong component to their performance was that they did hit a precision section, which I felt was absolutely ‘RAW’! 
-Their challenge could have been taken to the next level. But overall they killed their choreography, they got into the “Rocker” character, and they gave us nice precision throughout the whole routine. But this was definitely not their best. 7/10
8 Flavahz - Their song was “Party Rock Anthem” and their challenge was to have an explosive moment, and to do the “T walk, Spongebob, and Quest Crew moves”. 

-By far one of their best performances EVER this season. 
- I absolutely loved the get-ups. The wigs were so legit. They all looked like tiny Redfoo’s.
-Back to the review. I absolutely loved their athleticism, energy,and dancing. They killed the T-Walk, Spongebob, and QUEST CREW section.
- I loved the fact that they used their challenges in their transitions. I stated during a previous episode that their sense of formations as a unit was a bit one-dimensional, but it seems they have grown out of that this episode! 
-  I do feel like their explosive moment could have been a lot better considering these young ladies’ athleticism and STRENGTH, so with Cam only doing a baby freeze in the middle seemed to be a bit dull to me. 
- But WAIT. They redeemed themselves by doing the famous Quest Crew Side-flip! Of course, no one can do it better then the original, but hey,these young ladies definitely held it down and they did their best. 
- 8 Flavahz went all out this episode. These young ladies impress me week after week after week. This brings me back to their Britney Spears week, which is amazing because I knew from the start that these girls would be DANGEROUS on this show. Great job! Overall, 8/10
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