Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazed Beats' Nonspoiler report: ABDC's Rihanna Challenge tapin

In alphabetical order:
787 Crew: Their song was "Whats My Name". Challenge: Don't remember the name of the dancehall move that they were assigned, but they had to drop down until their backs hit the floor. 

They started off the performance explosive with their flips and the energy carried all the way to the end. They definitely brought the island flavor by incorporating other styles of dancehall into their routine. 787 keeps delivering every week and this week isn't an exception! The highlight of their routine was the end where one of the members does a backflip and land on his back , then as soon as he hits the ground, four other members did backflips off the stage. 

ICOnic Boyz: Their song: "Only Girl". Challenge: Their dancehall style was referred to "make it run", which is kinda like the running man.  

Once again, the crowd loved them. They definitely had swagger this week. They did a couple of flips and tricks for this routine which was something their performances have been needing for them to step out of their comfort zone.  

I.aM.mE: Their song: "S&M". Challenge: Do the "Spiderman" style of dancehall.  

I.aM.mE definitely heated up the stage this week. They brought the sex appeal by having a dominatrix themed routine. They started off the routine with Chachi bringing down all the guys in the crew to the floor and then stepping all over them, but as she stepped on them they moved back and forth, creating a cool visual effect. They  highlighted Chachi in this routine. They once again had an amazing brain banging section with different levels... IMO I think Jaja should have played the role of the dominatrix since Chachi is only 15. But still an outstanding performance.

Instant Noodles: Their song: Hard. Challenge: Forgot the name of the style, but they had to do a head-stand and booty shake.  

Once again, Instant Noodles delivered another humorous routine.  The highlight for me was after they did their challenge, they all came out and did an air freeze... They  stepped it up this week in terms of difficulty.  

Phunk Phenomenon: Their song: "Please Don't Stop the Music". Challenge Their challenge was some type of reggae move. :P  

Phunk Phenomenon started out this routine super explosive with a lot of flips. As usual Bebo was amazing with his Bboy moves. The highlight of the routine for me was when Bebo did a freeze and, while still holding that freeze, jumped back and over another member. It showed that he is really strong and talented at what he does... I also like that they incorporated some poppin into their routine, other than just the dancehall. This crew is just so diverse and [IMO] one of the best crews this season.  

Street Kingdom: Their song: "Rude Boy". Their challenge: some type of booty shaking.  

When I first saw what their challenge was, I didn't think they could pull it off since they're so hard-hitting and serious all the time. Even they admitted to having trouble with it in their opening package. So to handle it, they made Melissa handle the booty shaking, even though she was uncomfortable doing it. The whole routine was based on the story that Tight-Eyez liked Melissa, but she was not into him. So he kept pursuing her and in the end he got her. Melissa sure got sexy with all the booty shaking she was doing. The booty shaking was still true to their crew and they brought out intensity with it.

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