Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dance's Review of ABDC's Rihanna Challenge

Hey everyone! Here are my rankings from favorite to least favorite. It was a great episode and I liked the idea of bringing in a professional choreographer to show each crew a specific move. Sometimes a crew can get stuck in one specific style, but having a professional choreographer come in, not to create the entire performance, but just to show everyone one specific move, definitely brought new energy to the stage. None of the crews specializes in dancehall, which is a Caribbean form of dance and music that mixes reggae and hip hop, but the dancehall energy definitely came out in all of the crews. Dancehall is a fun energetic form of dance with a lot of bounce and strong movements. Since all of the dancers are well trained at what they do, picking up this style was not a problem for any of them. Each of the crews excelled at this challenge and I'm glad they had it. The episode was refreshing because everyone brought something new to the stage that they normally would not have done. I hope next season they bring in a professional choreographer for one episode, in order to show each of the crews a specific move from a specific genre of dance. All of the crews had a lot of energy and it made for a great episode of ABDC!
1) IaMmE: They blew me away with this performance! I was not expecting them to do this and it was a beautiful performance from beginning to end. IaMmE. just keeps getting better and better each week and it makes for outstanding performances. They are definitely one of the best crews to grace the ABDC stage. I hope they continue to be creative and blow everyone away each week with their brain banging and other surprises. IaMmE. grooooved this week!!!! They are from Houston and I was waiting for this!!!! 

Their challenge was to do the Spiderman, which is when you move your body in opposite directions, while swinging your hips and legs from side to side. They did their challenge very well! It was great because everyone got into it and they did the move with great bounce and energy. Chachi looked great when she did the move. Sometimes when crews do a new move, it's done kind of hesitantly or stiff, but IaMmE. did the Spiderman as if they've been incorporating that move into their performances for years. They are well trained dancers and definitely picked up this move with ease. I was blown away during the first 10 seconds of the performance, when Chachi walked over the backs of Moon, 747, Philip, and Emilio to create the illusion of gliding. Usually bboy moves or acrobatic flips blow everyone away, but this was neither and I couldn't believe they came up with this move. That right there is the definition of creativity. The Oxford English dictionary needs to put IaMmE.'s gilding move next to the word creative. It was also great when Chachi became a spider, when she transitioned into the focal point of their brain banging spider. I like how each week they keep evolving their brain banging section and they never make it look the same from week to week. It's great how they bring both technical skill and grooving and mix them together with ease. The entire performance flowed easily and went into one surprise after another and they grooooooooooved!!!! I also love 747's close ups. He's so energetic and went all out in his close ups and grooved! Moon was too funny in the opening clip haha when he did the Spiderman and said, "Am I doing it right." Well I think they did and they did it better than I expected! Keep evolving and bringing the creativity to the stage and keep bringing that Houston Swag! 

Also everyone thought IaMmE. had French Fries on their jackets Tuesday night, so I came up with Team French Fries. Then Floor-Leaf-Clover named Moon: Salty Fries, Emilio: Tangy Fries, Chachi: Spicy Fries, JaJa: Curly Fries, and I re-named 747 to Steak Fries because I didn't like burnt fries, and I also renamed Phillip to Chili Fries because I didn't like soggy fries and Chili Fries goes with his last name. JaJa saw the post and said, " I am the Curly Fries" on her facebook. Special shout-out to JaJa for seeing our post and I hope you'll get better soon!! Team French Fries!  Score: 10/10
2) Phunk Phenomenon:  Phunk definitely brought new creativity to the stage. Bebo is a world class bboy and is known for his creativity. If I'm not mistaken, I think he invented the slow-mo hollowback. If I'm wrong, tell me in the comments section. However, the slo-mo hollowback is definitely Bebo's signature move. Bebo didn't do his slow mo-hollowback, but he shocked everyone when he jumped over Trey, while doing a handstand and ended in a bboy freeze. Usually everyone is blown away by the typical bboy moves when done well. However, this move was never done before on ABDC and it blew me away. Bebo is so energetic and creative and it shows on the stage week after week. The poppin' section with Trey, Devin, and Chris, with Trey in the center, blew me away! I was not expecting this and it was dooooooopeeeee! I was like Wow, I didn't know they were going to do that and they did it very well! They have many great poppers in Phunk Phenomenon, so I hope they can bring some more creative poppin' sections into their performances in the future. Trey is a great popper, so I hope he will be highlighted more. Their poppin' section was clean, very well executed, and they took their time doing this section. Sometimes Phunk has so much energy that they get a little bit messy in some sections, but this section was clean and had great energy. 

Their challenge this week was the Chaplin, which is when you move your hips, legs, feet, and ankles from side to side while moving forward. They did a really good job, but it got a little messy from time to time because they did too many formation changes, while going into different dancehall moves. They did the Chaplin, but I blame the camera angles for messing up this part because it was done well and then the camera man panned the stage from the side and then went into a close up of their faces. They should of had a wide angle view of this section because they did the chaplin so well in the opening package. I did like the Jamaican stomp they did from right to left. That was done very well and with conviction. They also did a nice heel and toe combination. The heel and toe is very hard to do. It's a simple move, but it takes great skill and coordination. I wish they did their dancehall section with less formation changes in order to allow their movements to become more memorable. I also wish it was done with a little bit more conviction and energy. I liked how they ended their performance in a Michael Jackson pose, while highlighting Bebo's ending blow up move. The song samples Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Something," which sampled the bboy song "Soul Makossa," so they mindfully combined Michael Jackson and bboying very well. 

Overall, I thought the performance was great due to the poppin' section and Bebo's handstand flip. Phunk, definitely keep surprising us and when you guys do something new, don't be hesitant, but go all out with 100% energy and conviction. Also make sure to allow your movements to sink into the minds of the viewers, like how you did with your amazing poppin' section. Keep up the good work and keep surprising us!!  Score: 10/10
3) Street Kingdom: I loved the part when all of the members twerked their hips from side to side. They twerked dem hips for all of de gyals and guys in the audience, lol I tried to say that phrase in Jamaican slang. I also said gyals first because 9 of the 10 members of SK are guys and I don't think they did this for other guys lol, only Melissa did. Melissa definitely werked that stage!! She was hesitant in the opening package to do these dancehall moves because the members of Street Kingdom are her brothers. She was very confident and she did the moves very well. Melissa is a great dancer and she did this style, which is new to her, with 100% conviction, as if they were krump moves. Melissa did a great job and she gave dancehall justice. Fly Kicks did some dancehall during Season 3, but I think Melissa outshined every member of Fly Kicks in the dancehall genre because Melissa is so strong and went all out in her movements. 

Their challenge was the Dutty Wine and Melissa werked that move! All of the members of Street Kingdom werked that move and it was the highlight of the performance, when they twerked their hips from side to side. They should move their hips like that more often because they did it very well. I thought Rihanna's Rude Boy was a great song for them and it showcased a more fun playful side to SK. I liked how they incorporated a story with their movements with Tight Eyez being the Rude Boy and trying to pursue Melissa with his dance moves. It was also cleverly done to the different accent beats in the music. I loved all of the groove sections Street Kingdom had in their performance. I liked how they all worked together, even when Tight Eyez and Melissa had their solo sections, all of the other members were mimicking their movements in the background. Their formation changes had movement and was very smooth. 

This is the first time I saw a lot of fluidity in their movements. If you want to know what fluidity is, their dutty wine section is the definition of fluidity. They got down and definitely brought the Caribbean flavor to the stage. I want to see Street Kingdom do more groove sections in the future because it's surprising and they do it very well. Great job Street Kingdom and keep telling stories and having fun on stage!  Score: 9/10
4) Instant Noodles: Great improvement and this is one of their best performances, since their Super Mario Bros. performance. This week they incorporated a lot of creative bboy freezes into their choreo. They did a lot of nice blow up moves and partner work. They added a lot of creative touches into this performance and it was definitely impressive. 

Their challenge was to do The Head Top, which is a handstand where they shake their booties. They are definitely getting more comfortable on the stage with their staging and transitions. They were more spread out this week and were more focused with their transitions and spacing and it showed on camera. In the past, their movements would be all over the place and were done so quickly that I couldn't take in what they were doing. With this performance, they took their time and they definitely phrased their bboying very well. They definitely had more energy and it showed in their movements. Whenever the lyrics said "Yeah you know it" one of the guys would do a blow up move right into the center of the stage and then look into the camera. At one point, Chuck starred and pointed into the camera to the lyrics. "Yeah you now it" while in the air and landed on the ground into a bboy freeze. Impressive! Whenever a hard hitting beat came up in the song, Instant Noodles would emphasize it with a blow up move and went into a powerful bboy freeze. The part where 2 of them swirled around with their entire bodies, while being on the ground, around 2 other guys that were standing up was impressive. Then this move transitioned into their final move, which was the handstand where they shaked their booties.

Instant Noodles are very creative with their movements and they aren't just all about the same power moves. They should clean up their performances just a little bit more and tie everything from beginning to end a little bit better. Either than that, they have taken bboying to a new level on ABDC and I'm proud of them. Great job Instant Noodles!!  Score: 9/10  
5) Iconic Boyz: T-Money a.k.a. T-Gully swung his arms for the MG Gang and everyone on BABDC! He werked that stage and tore it up with that one specific move. It was a move from the genre of whacking and it was nicely done. They swung their arms up and down and to the beat of the music. I also liked how they didn't do it too quickly, but took their time and made it a highlight of the performance. Lewis is always so funny, so it was cute when he took the mic and pretended to be Rhianna and sang, "I'm the only girl in the world." This is their best performance yet and they have greatly improved as dancers. They are less stiff and they are adding more levels and complex choreo to their performances. I liked the bboy partner work and freeze done by Nick and Vinny because it shows that they are learning new moves and growing as dancers. 

Their challenge was Give It A Run, which starts off as the running man, but then changes into a long stride with their arms moving up and down and way up high. Dancehall is all about having lots of energy and having fun. Iconic Boyz definitely had lots of energy when they did their dancehall section and they executed it very well. The dancehall section also added a lot of soul and flavor into their performance, which was fun to see. They are now paying attention to the different beats in the music and the lyrics much more than before and they are greatly improving. What I like about Iconic Boyz is that they have great stage presence and they bring the audience into their performances. Their choreo is well staged and each of the dancers are very confident and they are always having fun on stage and that's what dancing is all about. Keep improving and keep up the good work!  Score: 8/10
6) 787 Crew: They showed great sportsmanship and they gave a great performance on the stage. It was great to see them shake the hands of each of the judges at the end. They also danced during
their Walk It Out performance and this was great to see because it shows that they are humble and were happy and proud with everything they did this season.

Their challenge was to do the Gallis Step, which is when you move your back to the ground, while grooving to the beat. Instead of going all the way to the ground with their backs, they had their members lean back into the ankles of their other team mates. It was creative and well executed! I do wish they did this step a second time and went low to the ground, so they could of showed that they could do their challenge in two different ways. I also liked when Daniel and Jose did a scoop into a gainer. 787 had many challenges this season with Perry being injured, but they prevailed and it was great when they made Perry the focal point of their performance last week. They did a great job on ABDC and entertained everyone with their creative acrobatic flips! Keep on dancing and doing competitions!  Score: 8/10
Ending Notes: It was a great episode and all of the crews showed their personalities. The casting did a great job this season because all of the crews are very funny and charismatic and this shows on stage. No one is obnoxious or a diva and everyone works hard each week. They take criticism well and they have been coming back each week better than they were before. Criticism isn't supposed to make you feel bad, but is meant to help you get better. All of the performances have been spectacular each week and all of the crews have been extra creative this season. There are 5 episodes of ABDC left and I hope it keeps getting better!!

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