Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dance's Review of ABDC's Justin Bieber Challenge

Hey Everyone! Here are my rankings of the performances from favorite to least favorite. I thought Street Kingdom had the best performance of the night and they greatly impressed me. Instant Noodles put on a great show and they had their best performance all season. I wish they could have stayed longer, but they did their best and I'm proud of what they have done on the ABDC stage. Also I would like to give a special shout-out to Numa Nash, I.AMPhunKyChickenNoodles4Lunch, Meowie, ChocoboPie, Teldon, JJVirus, JabbaJake, Koopa, Del, Ashlaylay, Floor-leaf-clover, Jackie, and CrazedBeats for always reading and commenting on my reviews!!
1) Street Kingdom: Street Kingdom are aiming for the top spot! They came with a great choreographed set this week and I'm proud of them. They have grown greatly as dancers and performers on the ABDC stage since week one. Street Kingdom are beautiful dancers and they move so well on stage. They can hit very subtle beats in the music with their bodies very well. I spent yesterday watching Krump videos on YouTube to understand this genre of dance more. Krump is intense and displays the various emotions you have inside. Krumpers use their entire bodies to dance. They also at times isolate different muscle groups in their bodies when they kurmp as well. Krumpers most importantly respond and move to the music. Street Kingdom are well trained to move to the melodies and beats in the music and when they do this on stage, they do this effortlessly. The song they got "Never Say Never" is a slow song, but Street Kingdom gave a strong and hard hitting performance. It was great how Street Kingdom hit every accent beat in the song with creative choreography.

A highlight of the performance, was when 5 guys in a row made a tower and flexed their muscles one after the other and then another guy at the end jumped all the way to the top of the tower and landed on the ground. I also liked when Lil B-Dash came into the center, punched his arm out, then turned 180 degrees onto the ground and hit his opponent with his leg. That was really creative. Street Kingdom keeps surprising me every week. I was blown away by their Katy Perry performance and in my personal opinion is one of my favorite performances in all of ABDC history.
Last week, they moved their hips and bodies really well and brought the dancehall flavor to the stage and I didn't know they could do that and it greatly impressed me. This week they brought a creative well choreographed performance to the stage and they impressed me yet again. Street Kingdom definitely dance with their hearts and they bring their all to the stage week after week. Street Kingdom are beautiful dancers and keep bringing the creative and hard hitting choreography to the competition! Score: 9.5/10
2) Instant Noodles: This was Instant Noodles' best performance on the show. In the beginning intro video to their performance, Chuck stated that his mom has cancer and I hope that his mom will get better and I pray for her recovery. Instant Noodles put on a great performance this week! It was well staged and their bboying and overall choreo was well executed. They took their time presenting their moves and the entire performance flowed well. They did a nice well executed locking section. I also liked when one of the guys did a jackhammer, while everyone else stood up on the chairs and highlighted him. It was a great performance and it looked great on stage. I wish they could have stayed longer in the competition because I feel that they just started finding their stride. The performance flowed nicely from beginning to end and the phrasing of their movements was done perfectly to the beat. Instant Noodles brought out a new side of bboying to the ABDC stage and I'm proud of them. They pay attention to the lyrics and beat of the music and most importantly they have style. Their bboy moves are very creative. They take typical bboy moves and flip it to intelligently and creatively make it their own. I loved watching them week after week and they definitely made an impact on the ABDC stage. Instant Noodles definitely have a great dance career ahead of them and I wish them luck in all of their future endeavors! Score: 9/10
3) IaMmE.: Great performance, but it did get a bit messy in the middle and towards the end. A highlight of the performance was the part in the beginning, where each crew member was paired one behind the other and made a zig zag tutting section, similar to a pinball machine, to the dubstep section added in by D78. I thought that part was a creative way to showcase tutting and it had movement and I loved the dubstep beat. After that section, they also quickly did some ballroom partner work to dubstep, which was dope, because it was ballroom done to dubstep and I've never seen that before. Another highlight for me, was when JaJa, Emilio, and Chachi were on the ground and they did footwork in the air, while Moon, 747, and Phillip acted as a moving tutting conveyer belt. It was a really great effect. What I love about IaMmE. is that their tutting sections have movement to it. They aren't stiff perfect angles, but their tutting sections have angles that turn into circles and other shapes that has a nice flow to it. 747's glide was quickly done and I wish it could
have been executed more cleaner and showcased in a better manner. IaMmE. are definitely using the entire stage and they look like they are having a lot of fun on stage as well. In their first two performances, they were a little bit robotic and stiff and mainly stayed in the center of the stage. Now they're using the entire stage more and they are giving more life into their movements. That was sweet when 747 came off stage, hid in front of the desk, then slowly came up and gave Lil Mama a rose. Then instantaneously, IaMmE created a heart with their arms. That was a creative final touch to their performance. Next week I hope they can continue to improve and have fun on stage! Score: 8.5/10
4) Phunk Phenomenon: Good performance, but I didn't like the song and I thought it was too slow for them. Phunk has intense energy and this song was very slow, so it brought down their energy level. The song was also too slow for their stepping section to have a major effect on the performance. The stepping was well done, but it didn't go with the slowness of the song. I wish they got a more up tempo song. Bebo was very impressive when he did 3 consecutive back flips without using his hands. Then he went right into a reverse air chair spin into a push up. Bebo is such a creative bboy. Boston has a nice bboy scene with his crew Ground FX and also the crew Floorlords Crew, so I hope we can see more Boston bboy crews in the future. Also the East Coast in general has a nice bboy seen, so I hope more East Coast bboy crews will make the show in the future. It was a nice touch at the end when Nikko jumped into the crowd and put his arms around Mami and Hiro from We Are Heroes. I didn't like the song they got this week, so I hope next week Phunk will get a more hard hitting energetic song. I hope Phunk will go all out next week and show everyone that they want to win the competition! Score: 8/10
ICONic Boyz: They are definitely growing as dancers. Their choreo is much more complex and they are adding more footwork, transitions, and levels into their routines. They are also learning many new ideas and concepts from the other dancers and this showed in this week's performance. I saw a little bit of an uprocking section and a tutting routine. Their arms in the tutting routine could have been more stronger, but I'm glad they're adding new choreo into their routines. Thomas showed a lot of strength when he picked up Mikey in order to create the basketball hoop. They also told a story in their routine with a beginning, middle, and end about the process of preparing for a basketball game and then winning the game at the end through hard work and teamwork. ICONic Boyz have definitely showed improvement each week and keep up the good work! Score: 7.5/10

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