Friday, May 20, 2011

Dance's Review of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge

The opening number was well choreographed and was filled with energy. All of the crews got buck and Street Kingdom definitely shined in the opening number! Louis also came to the forefront and got buck as well! Go Louis! I liked how Tight Eyez and Phillip went at it and got buck in the beginning of the number. I also liked how each of the females were highlighted in the performance. It was a great opening number and everyone showed why they were chosen to be on ABDC! The rest of the episode was pretty good. I thought it lacked a little bit of energy, so I hope next week the top 3 crews will give it their all on the stage. Here are my rankings of all of the performances for the Nicki Minaj Challenge.
1) IaMmE: JaJa was definitely the star in this performance. Her poppin' solo matches Maryss from Paris's solo to the song Freeze during Magic Week. Her solo was intense and so was the expression on her face. She definitely showed all of her feelings of hard work and wanting to win in her expression. JaJa is an amazing popper and I'm happy  that she got a solo. I also liked the part when IaMmE. levitated their legs up and then made a zig zag motion with their legs to lower it. That was phenomenal! That single move along with JaJa's solo is what is going to propel them into the finale. Go IaMmE.! Also in the beginning sequence, it looked like they made the words LOVE with their bodies, similar to those signs you see in major cities and they  were also wearing red and white. I liked when they got to the word sling, they were on the ground and they moved their arms swiftly back like a sling. Also they all did a groove section on the ground! I liked how their brain banging section, when three were on the ground and three were in the back, resembled the game Connect Four. It was a great performance! I thought the energy between their pictures that they create could have been more hard hitting, but I know next week they will bring it even harder. I can't wait to see what IaMmE. will come up with next week. Good luck IaMmE.!  Score: 9/10 
2) Phunk Phenomenon: Phunk came back with their signature hard hitting choreography! I loved when Kassandra came out in the center and was revealed to be Nicki Minaj. The choreo leading up to her reveal and how she was revealed from the center of the stage was well executed. Bebo even did a series of windmills into a swipe and into an air flare. Go Bebo! Next week I know Phunk will definitely go all out and Bebo will come out with his best bboy choreography! Poor Bebo during Dtrix's critique haha. I felt bad for Bebo lol. It was a great energetic performance in true Phunk Phenomenon fashion and I know next week they will go all out and try and win the competition. Good luck Phunk Phenomenon and try and win that trophy for the East Coast!  Score: 9/10

3) Street Kingdom: I will miss Street Kingdom! I grew to become a big fan of their crew! Their backstage interviews were so funny ! In the beginning, they were kind of quiet in the backstage interviews, but each week they opened up more and they were so funny. I'll miss their backstage interviews. I also went to their Youtube pages and watched their videos to gain a better understanding of Krump. Each of the members of Street Kingdom are dedicated to what they do and krump with their hearts and souls. They  go all out with their krumping and now I'm a fan of Krump! Street Kingdom definitely showed the world their art form and has made many viewers a fan of Krump. Krump is an acronym and stands for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise. Street Kingdom definitely went out of their comfort zone and did choreo and made many pictures with their bodies this week. The part where it picked up was to the words lllllooooookkkkkkk haha! That part was dope how they moved their bodies. I wished they did more of that and grooving during their performance because they do it very well. With their task, they went out of their comfort zone and did a good job creating the story of krumpers going to boot camp. They  had many great performances this season including their E.T. performance, Rhianna Challenge, and the Justin Bieber challenge. They did very well in the competition and showed everyone their art form. Great job Street Kingdom and I'll miss you on the show. I'm proud of you guys and keep spreading your positive message!  Score: 9/10 because I'm proud of you guys and you made me a fan!! 

4) ICONic Boyz: Their best performance yet. They have definitely grown on the show as dancers and performers. They had complex choreography and had many levels. Everyone was doing different choreo at times and it blended together very well. The transitions they made between each of the choreo sections was a little bit slow and could have been faster to make it look smoother and flow better. I liked the top rocking section that they did. Louis is always funny and I liked his humor during the performance. Great job ICONic Boyz and keep up the good work!  Score: 8/10

Ending Notes: This was a great top 4 and I loved the opening number. Everyone in the top four are great at their specific forms of dance. They all have great personalities and are funny  and kind in their backstage interviews. Good luck to the top three crews and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for next week's episode!

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