Friday, May 27, 2011

Dance's Review of ABDC's Kanye West/Last Chance Challenges

Phunk Phenomenon and IaMmE both made this episode spectacular. Phunk Phenomenon danced with their hearts, while IaMmE used the ingenuity of their minds to create an epic performance. ICONic Boyz did well, but both Phunk and IaMmE showed them that years of training and entering competitions can mold you into a phenomenal dancer! I am not going to rank the crews this week or give them a score like I normally do, but I'll just discuss what I enjoyed most about each of their performances.
1) Phunk Phenomenon: Their performance was epic! I loved it so much and their was nothing they could do to make it better!! Trey swung Bebo around and Bebo went from the ground and soared over Trey. That was epic!! I was in awe at that moment! Everything Phunk did in their performance was phenomenal! I saw Xclusive do a nice bboy freeze and at the end when he jumped up and landed on his back, that definitely showed how much Phunk dances with all of their hearts and souls on the dance floor. I wish they could have been in the top 2. I know they would have done so well in their Last Chance Challenge. However, Phunk's performance will be remembered forever. It was a great performance and Phunk left with their heads held high because they put their hearts and souls on the dance floor and everyone saw that.

I bet Phunk Phenomenon has inspired many people to start dancing or to become interested in dance. Every week they danced really well and this season would have been boring without them. My favorite Phunk performances were A Millie, Black Eyed Peas Week where Bebo showed everyone how great of a bboy he is!, Katy Perry Week (yes I loved how they told a story in their performance and made it funny), Please Don't Stop the Music where Bebo jumped over Trey in a handstand and everyone showed some dancehall flavor, and finally their Kanye West performance. All of their performances were inspiring and they showed everyone that the East Coast does have great dance crews! I hope many good things come Phunk Phenomenon's way and I wish them luck in all of their future endeavors!! Keep dancing forever!!
 2) IaMmE: Their Last Chance Challenge performance was mind blowing! Their bottom two performance was pretty good and had many great moments in it, but they definitely brought everything to the stage in their Last Chance Challenge performance. Such a genius concept to have a spoken word performance. I like how each of the dancers of IaMmE represented different global elements. They portrayed each of these elements with their own individual style and the concept was genius. 

While being on the show, IaMmE has taken tutting to a new level and has made the viewers look at dance in a new and more creative way. They have definitely made their mark on the ABDC stage and has inspired dancers all over the world to be more creative! My favorite IaMmE performances were Lil Wayne week where they showed America who they are, Black Eyed Peas week where they took brain banging to new levels, Katy Perry Week where they had fun and made use of the entire stage and showed us some nice poppin' and wavin' skills, Rihanna Week blew my mind with their creativity, Bieber week had many great tutting moments, and finally their Last Chance Challenge. The spoken word was genius and it made the performance look like a performance on Broadway. Their Last Chance Challenge told a creative story of who they are and what they represent. They showed everyone that they are beyond human and that you can use the creativity of your mind to do anything that you want to do in life. IaMmE were amazing every week they performed on the ABDC stage and I hope they will win America's Best Dance Crew!! 
 3) ICONic Boyz: They worked hard all season and never gave up. Their best performances were Justin Bieber Week and Nicki Minaj week. In both of those performances they showed their humor, which is their strong point and they added many complex levels and choreo into their dancing. This episode they looked like they were focusing too much on the different styles of dance they were given. In their Last Chance Challenge, they should have focused on being "the boy next door from Jersey" instead of being "Hollywood celebrities." It would have made a better impact and told a more touching story. 

Hollywood is not what it seems. Many people in Hollywood do bad things. They smoke weed and do various other drugs. Don't fall into the Hollywood trap ICONic Boyz. Hollywood is filled with rich kids that live off of their parents money and do not have any incentive to work hard and get a job. All they do is party. Even those that do have jobs, still fall into these Hollywood traps and do bad things. Hollywood is not what it seems, so always stay humble ICONic Boyz and remember what's important in life, which is your real family and friends. Also remain kind and help others. Aspire to be like IaMmE and Phunk Phenomenon when you get older because they work hard and they have many accomplishments in the dance world. Overall, ICONic Boyz did very well each week and have entertained many fans. They were funny on stage and in their backstage interviews. They have improved as dancers and I'm glad that they learned many new styles from the other dancers. Keep on dancing ICONic Boyz, stay good kids, and never give up!
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