Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazed Beats' Nonspoiler report: ABDC's Justin Bieber Challenge taping

This is Crazed Beats' report on the action at America's Best Dance Crew's Justin Bieber taping, slightly edited to remove anything that might be construed as a spoiler. The crews are reported in alphabetical order, not in the order they performed.  
IaMmE: Song: "Somebody To Love". Challenge: In the movie, Usher is seen gliding with Justin, and so IaMmE is given the challenge to incorporate gliding into their routine.
Like last week, IaMmE delivered another great performance!! They started off the routine with a sick tutting section, with Moon in the middle. I think they finally featured Moon with this. They then moved onto some great choreo dancing to Somebody to Love. They execcuted the challenge by doing a gliding circle and 747 coming out smoothly while gliding. Overall this routine was great and accomplished Chachi's goal of not letting down Justin, since she is a big fan of him. 

ICONic Boyz: Song: "Baby" Challenge: In the movie, Justin is seen playing basketball, so in their routine they have to mimic like theyre playing basketball.  
They started off the routine by doing stretches, then moving on to some jumping jacks, and then to basketball choreo. The beginning choreography seemed pretty simple in its movement. But then it boosted when one of the members picked up Thomas and made it seem like he was Michael Jordan dunking the ball. It was a really cool visual. Another highlight of the routine was when Dtrix saying "Y'all are like a bunch of dancing Justin Biebers" [from an earlier ABDC6 episode] played and they went into some tutting. 
Instant Noodles: Song: "Runaway Love". Challenge: In the movie, Justin does chair choreography while performing, so they have to incorporate chair choreography into their routine.  
I hate it when they only give one crew a prop that they have to use in their routine, because most of the time the prop brings down the performance. But Instant Noodles used the chairs very intelligently...They incorporated their bboy moves with they chairs throughout the whole performance in an interesting way. One of the highlights for me was when they did a locking section while on the chairs. I also liked how they had black Justin Bieber-looking wigs on throughout the whole performance. It was funny and really gave the feeling of a Bieber performance.  

Phunk Phenomenon: Song: "Eenie Meenie"/ Challenge: Justin did some stepping in the movie, so Phunk has to do a stepping section in their routine.  
In the package, it showed that Cassandra was the captain in her high school Stepping team. So she was the one that choreographed the stepping section, and it brought me back to Season 3 with Strikers All Stars. It was a really good stepping section while incorporating flips into it. Actually, a lot of their performance was flips...I liked how Bebo did continuous back flips without using his hands. The whole routine was clean and really great. Bebo was once again the star in this routine with his bboy moves.
Street Kingdom: Song: :"Never Say Never".  Challenge: Jaden Smith appeared in the movie, and since he was in the remake of Karate Kid, Street Kingdom had to incorporate some martial arts and fighting into their routine.  
Wow. These past few weeks, I haven't really been feeling Street Kingdom because I just thought their routines were too messy and all over the place. But in this routine, they cleaned it up big time. Practically the whole routine had choreography... It looked like i was watching Mortal Kombat. Tight Eyes and another member were in the front at some point of the routine and Tight Eyes punched through the guys body. It was a great illusion.  The krump choreography was so clean and the energy transferred into the audience. 
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