Wednesday, May 25, 2011

JayCee's Report on ABDC's Kanye West and Last Chance Challenges

  • Group Performance: nothing exciting.  I feel like the crews were saving their energy for their actual challenge so the energy from the group performance was lacking and it was a little messy. 
  • Challenge...Do Dance Styles: Dougie, Boogaloo, and Isolations...Poreotics gave the challenge/video package...BTW my friends and i sat next to Poreotics, so we had really good seats 
  • Phunk Phenomenon were at it again with their great athletic ability and choreography.  the highlight of their performance was when Bebo did a gainer off Chris' chest...
  • ICONic Boyz stepped it up
  • IaMmE literally brainbanged and made every dance style "I am ME". They are truly unique and definitely a breath of fresh air.
  • THE LAST CHANCE CHALLENGE: one crew danced to Ne-yo and Pitbull's song and the other crew danced to their own crew pulled a Beat Freak, and by that i mean they fumbled...the other crew MURDEREDDDDDDDD...the judges gave them a STANDING O... wow this performance goes up there with Orquestrah and Ichiban!!!
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