Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crazed Beats' Nonspoiler report/preview from the ABDC6 Nicki Minaj Challenge

Group Performance: Song: "Massive Attack". The ABDC stage was decorated with a bunch of plants and tikis. It gave it a jungle/tribal theme. This was a very intense routine! It started off with Street Kingdom and IaMmE in the front battling. They were both krumping, but Street Kingdom won that battle. The routine expanded over the whole stage, with all members acting very animalistic. I liked how ICONic Boyz popped out behind this bush-type looking thing and continued with choreo, along with Chachi. One of the highlights of this performance was when Jaja, from IaMmE, stood on top of the temple-looking stand and did some popping, and then Bebo jumped on top and held a freeze. Overall it was a pretty good opening group performance. 
Now to start with each Crew's individual performance, listed in alphabetical order:

IaMmE: Song: "Moment 4 Life". Challenge: Take on the kid alter-ego, Cookie,  of Nicki Minaj by incorporating child-hood games into the routine. Outfits: Red jackets, similar to their outfit they wore for Black Eyed Peas challenge. 
They started off the routine with popping.then moved on to choreo. Some of the childhood games that they incorporated were hopscotch and a swing. I really liked how they did the hopscotch with all the members on the ground forming the hopscotch formation and Chachi hopping through them. Also, while they were on the ground, they did some tutting. The highlight for me was when Jaja was highlighted and stood above her crew and did some hard popping! They also did the intricate tutting session that they do in their "Brain Bang" video. They ended the routine with the swing idea and Chachi riding it. 
ICONic Boyz: Song: "Check It Out". Challenge: During their routine, they have to act like marionette dolls. Outfits: Pink jackets and pants. 
They began the routine  with some popping, moving along with the beat of the song... and picked up when Nicki Minaj started rapping. Their choreo was a lot faster. The highlight of the routine was when one of the members became a puppet and sat on the lap of another member and did a ventriloquist act. BTW Lil Mama called it a TRANSviloquist act, instead of VENtriloquist act. Every one looked confused and laughed a little. 
Phunk Phenomenon: Song: "My Chick Bad". Challenge: Incorporate some belly dancing sometimes does in music videos. Outfits: Kassanra was wearing a short pink "Nicki" wig and I think they were wearing purple outfits. 
This performance SCREAMED Nicki Minaj! From the opening with Kassandra up high doing the crazy Nicki Minaj faces, to the tough and intense dancing. They danced along to the lyrics. For example, when Nicki says, "guess who's playing freddy" they open up a "portal" and a guy pulls in Kassandra i believe... One guy lifted up his shirt and belly danced and members pulled out two long cloth from his shirt out and waved it. Then in the end, everyone was doing bboy moves and one was doing The Worm, because in the package Bebo says that The Worm is belly dancing to him. 
Street Kingdom: Song: "Did It On 'Em". Challenge: Form a police unit or something along those lines. Outfit: They were wearing blue/black/gold police/army-looking outfits. 
They started off the routine with four or five members doing a hat trick and throwing them out to the audience. Then Mark was on the ground and they picked him up and kicked him back down...   the part when Nicki says, "Shake em off" they were doing some clean isos and the performance picked up in a big way. They continued to bring their aggressive Krumping, some of it together as a crew and some of it as solos.

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