Friday, May 6, 2011

Video; Molasses Gang Collabo

Official Molasses Gang Roster:

Names are Overrated - Blaccstrap a.k.a. Blaccout
Freeze - FreezePop a.k.a. PsychoShockk
Zekeish - Sugah DaddI a.k.a. pEEk-aT-Choo
Koopa - SugaFree a.k.a. WattsUp!
Ninjaboi - H8r a.k.a. #BlameItOnTammy
Maxxann - Splenda a.k.a. Twinn ShawtySirkit
Del - HigH Fructose a.k.a HotWireZ
PoppiniSiK (Isaac) - FruitIonz a.k.a. AxionPotentialZ
BSG - SugaRush a.k.a. Bosstatic
Jai - Syrupz a.k.a. LiveWyre!
Laylay - SugaKane a.k.a. DubleA
The Employer - Viscous a.k.a. Tha Enurgizzir Bunneh
Teldon - Tha KandieMayne a.k.a. Tazzir
BJ - HunnieB a.k.a. Shoxxx
Chicken4Lunch - Aunt Jemima a.k.a. Voltorbz
Bgirl Nozomi - LOLIpopz a.k.a. AsianLightning
Jon - [BAMF]
Ace - PazzionFruit Juce a.k.a. TropicThunda!
JabbaJake - PaRfaitZ a.k.a. IronMayne
Numa Nash - Dragos-weet-tea Din Tei a.k.a. GebeleiziS
Xerpent - CandyPupz a.k.a. BOLTo

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