Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snoop's Review of ABDC's Justin Bieber Challenge

 Iconic Boyz: The progression from stretching, to warming up with jumping jacks, to the ball dribbling, tothe creative way they dunked at the end, was clever. On the other hand, the ball pass from T-Money to the guy’s face at the other endwas hard to recognize, and a lot of the choreography in the middle was simply bland. I recommend they try to show their creativity throughout a whole routine rather than at parts. The routine was mediocre.
IaMmE: This crew is one of the most creative crews on ABDC and they showed off that creativity once again. Every second was brilliant.But the guy at the end should have given the rose to D-Trix instead of Lil Mama. The routine was excellent.
Phunk Phenomenon: They did their stepping challenge very well by including a stepping section.However, it kind of ruined the vibe to the routine and song. It wasn’t their fault though.For the most part, their choreography blended with the song. And Bboy Bebo shined once again. The routine was pretty good.
Instant Noodles: In many of their previous routines, I noticed a lack of charisma/vibe/confidence when they were doing non-bboy choreography. But this week they had that charisma/vibe/confidence.The Bieber hair was great. The Bieber chairs were great. And the bboy and non-bboy choreography and song all blended together extremely well. This routine will probably go down as one of the more underrated routines of season6. The routine was excellent. Yes, I did give Instant Noodles and I Am Me the same rankings this week.
Street Kingdom: They were able to adapt to this song by focusing much more on 'structured' choreography and 'togetherness' rather than freestyle. There is no doubt that they adapted well, and it was a pleasant change. But I have mixed feelings about this.

I don't remember the exact words that RJ Kool Raul of Supreme Soul stated, but in a video he basically talked about how doing choreography with all members in sync with each other turned them into 'zombies.' For the most part, I agree. When a good dancer freestyles,the charisma/vibe/passion flows well and is given off very naturally. Here is a great example - Do-Knock freestyle

But when a whole group does the same exact choreography together, one member often has to tone down his unique style for the rest of the members to follow. Furthermore, each member has to be very focused on staying together with each other at the expense of losing some of that raw, natural passion that easily flows through your body when you freestyle.And sometimes bland choreography is the result.

For example, you will never see KB's style fully replicated by the whole Jabba crew, Do-Knock's or Ronnie's styles fully replicated by the whole Super Crew, Bionic’s style fully replicated by the whole Supreme Soul, Hok's or Feng's styles fully replicated by the whole Quest, Pacman's style fully replicated by the whole I Am Me, or Tight Eyez’s style fully replicated by the whole Street Kingdom. In terms of charisma/vibe/passion, individual freestyle beats group choreography the majority of the time.

Therefore I hope Street Kingdom does not abandon that pure, raw, non-watered-down freestyle base that they showed before this week, especially in their Lil Wayne and Katy Perry routines.It was the major aspect that made them stand out from other ABDC crews.The routine was good.

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