Sunday, May 1, 2011

Freeze's review of ABDC's Katy Perry Challenge

Phunk Phenomenom:  8/10
Honestly, Phunk Phenomenon stepped it down from last week. Last week I saw a lot cleaner choreo and it had more energy. Pluses: The choreography was great though, the song had a rock feel to it and they kept that theme, the drum beats matched perfectly (though the levels were a bit off as JC said), the footwork transitions were well executed, and the roulette wheel was done well. The flip off the stage and back onstage was unexpected and was my attention grabber for the routine. It was the duo between Kassandra and Bebo that kind of threw me off. The little “fight” scene they had looked a bit messy and Kassandra looked gassed when she was swinging her arms. This crew is very diverse so I'm expecting a lot more out of them from the weeks to come. Overall  Phunk Phenomemon is still one of my top crews for the season and I cant wait to see more from them.

IaMmE : Rating 9/10
IaMmE is known for precision and brain banging, but they brought a bit more tonight by straying away from the brain banging to bring out other styles. They were looser this performance and flowed more freely which went well with the song. When they did go back to their brain banging they executed it to perfection -- 747 as the base waving out causing a wave like chain reaction with the other members. They stuck to their theme the whole time, beginning and ending with a Peacock formation. The diagonal line formation transitioned in and out like a peacock's tail and went from facing one way to facing the opposite  They also took the advice of JC and used the stage.  They also took the advice of Dtrix when he said to not to forget to just dance. The entire performance flowed, and not once did I see a break or pause within it. The couples section was a nice touch and I really didn’t expect it because usually they perform as a whole.  The only negative I have about is the ending: the second to last peacock formation with Moon as a base didn’t seem to fit for me and it slowed considerably usually where you end the performance with a bang.  Overall IaMmE had arguably one of the best performances of the night. (It would be a 10/10 but I dock a point for bias)

787: Rating 7/10
787 Crew are the tricksters for this season.  What gives them the advantage is when they find a balance between tricks and choreo. Last week’s performance was a perfect example of that, but this week they reverted back to 90% tricks. For a 60 second routine only about 15 seconds were dedicated to choreo. The rest were filled with their acrobatics (which were really nice I may add). The off the back twist and the tumbling section were all great. Their challenge was to make a roller coaster, but I didn’t really think they executed it well. Their rollercoaster looked more like a wave and lasted all but 3 seconds. Bringing Perry into the performance was a big plus but also a big risk and it slowed the performance down a little bit towards the middle. The hand choreo was nice and clean though, so that saved it a bit. Now that Perry was in this performance it should be expected for him to be in the rest of their performances as well, otherwise it would be unfair to just use him to up their performance today while he sat out the rest of the weeks.  Their aerials were the highest I've seen on this show so far and the suicide flips at the end were just nasty. However, overall I felt they need to add a little bit more choreography to their routines rather than just wowing us with flips and tricks. 

ICONICBoyz:  Rating 4/10
D-trix summed up everything ive been saying about them all season. Their choreography was intermediate at best, and considering they have outside help from Geo (He has stated on his Twitter already that he helps them) makes it even less impressive.  D-trix stated that put any of the other crews in there spots and the other judges would be singing a different tune, and it's true. Can you see Lil Mama calling Street Kingdom “her babies” and praising them so highly for looking cute? I don’t think so. The thing they have going for them is the cute teen factor. Their task was to create a wall and break a down. They didn’t even “create” the wall per say, and opted to start with it instead, and also, as stated already, they didn’t break it down as well.  Go back to Quest Crews Forever routine to see how that wall should have been transitioned. Their choreography is somewhat clean but again it's intermediate level at best. While they were up on the wall and tried to do hand choreo it wasn’t well executed and looked a bit more like flailing of their arms.  This routine was standard 1-2 Hip Hop Choreo. These boys are going up against professional crews who bring their own style and flare to the competition. The judges and the fans need to judge these kids on the talent level of their competition, not at the level of kids, which is what Dtrix was trying to say to JC. These kids need to step it up to sway me. Otherwise they need to go.

Instant Noodles: Rating 7/10
Instant Noodles has been stepping it up every week. This week was no exception. Instant Noodles has some of the best floor work out of all the BBoy crews who have stepped onto this show and they don’t lack in the power move department either.  Tonight’s task was to create a chain reaction that would explode out but I didn’t really see it. I only recognized the part  because of the music mix and the work after the explosion looked a bit messy. The 3 members who were on the floor did not remount at the same time which threw that section off. But, they did follow it up with a pair unison flares to windmills which redeemed it somewhat. I believe that we haven’t had a bboy crew on this show that had such unison with their power moves (and I mean full on bboy crew ala Super Cr3w and Massive Monkeys, not Quest and Jabba). Everything leading up to the ballet section was well executed but a bit lacking. I saw plenty of top rock and footwork but not much else aside from an aerial and body contortion. My highlight for this performance was their of course their little ballet section which still has me smiling for some reason whenever I watch it. They added a little classical taste to a bboy set which set their performance apart. I hope to see these guys continue to grow

because I see a lot of potential in them.

Street Kingdom: Rating 10/10
Just wow. This performance was powerful. I haven’t felt this much emotion poured into a routine since Quest Crew's OrQuestra which is really why I really felt Dtrix connected to this performance. He knew what it felt like to lay everything out onto the stage and I believe he saw that again with this performance. Now I know execution and choreography-wise, it's not going to compare to OrQuestra but emotion-wise it's right there. Since Street Kingdom came onto the show, I’ve given them a chance. I wanted to see them execute choreo and krumping together. The first week showed a bit of what they could do, last week was a train wreck, but this week they redeemed themselves. They laid out what it means to krump and what it means to be a krumper. Now they did stray away from choreo a bit this week to go back to their roots, but this performance was clean. The little subtle things such as when I believe it was Lil B-Dash was thrown onto the back of another member and “Taken” away. When he was krumping while being lifted up, Streetnoize’ contortion krumping -- those small things really stuck out. Their task was done to perfection. Not only did they create a spaceship but they gave the feel of being an alien: The jacket and lighting effect that made it look like they were flying through space, Tight Eyez’ “alien,” and their explosion into a krump fest even well after the music finished. This performance was just full of passion and emotion which is what dancing really is when it comes down to it. Definitely the best of the night imo.

Request: Rating 8/10
It was sad to see this crew go, they honestly did not deserve to be in the bottom at all while other crews who deserved to be here were safe. They were one of my Top 4 candidates for this season and I was really disappointed that they had to go.  Just like Phunk Phenom they stepped it down this week. I just did not feel the energy that they had last week. The choreography was, as always, some of the best on the show. They utilized the entire stage, including the stairs, which is a big plus. There challenge was performed very well and creatively, but I just didn’t see it in them this week as a whole performance. There weren’t many subtle pieces that add to the performance (like last week's when the “clone” who was killed at the end. Thanks Del for pointing this out) and they didn’t have the attitude or characterization that came with the past two weeks. I've seen their Hip Hop International performances and it was attitude and characterization  that pushed them over the top. I just didn't see it this week. I did see some vogue and wacking incorporated in their performance and they really utilized different levels. The back stroke on the floor near the end was a nice touch to give the image that they were swimming which went along with their challenge of riding a wave. Overall this performance was one of the best of the nights(Tied for 3rd with PP) but I think it was just the wrong time to have a low energy performance following Street Kingdom's energy-filled one.

Chachi:  100/100 Reasoning: Because shes Chachi :]<3)
Street Kingdom: 10/10
I.aM.mE: 9/10
Phunk Phenomenom/Request: 8/10
787 Crew/ Instant Noodles: 7/10
Iconic Boyz: 4/10
Overall through 4 weeks:
I.aM.mE/Phunk Phenomenom: 10/10
ReQuest: 9/10
Street Kingdom/787: 8/10
Instant Noodles: 7/10
Iconic Boyz: 5/10

  • Two weeks in a row we’ve have the elimination of two great crews in ReQuest and FootworKingz who both deserved a longer stay in the show. Please vote for these crews because of their talent level, not just because “theyre so cute!” or because of National Pride. It's things like these that ruin it for crews such as ReQuest and FootworKINGz who deserved a longer stay.
  • Also Dtrix made many key points about ICONic Boyz tonight. Putting JC and Lil Mama’s comments aside (They were talking out of their butts after Dtrix slammed IB) you realize that he does have many plausible arguments and in no way were putting them down but giving them an idea of what they need to do. It makes no sense that JC gave IB praise for the same thing that he criticized in performances by Poreotics and SoReal Cru. I understand Dtrix did the same with SK )but see my reasoning in their part of their review). I honestly feel there needs to be a mediator with the judges. JC is the analytical one which is nice because he pinpoints the crews. Dtrix is an actual dancer who has been on the show which gives him insight on a crew's point of view. If anything I believe Lil Mama needs to be replaced with a mediator of sorts, someone who understands dance but also can be nitpicky about certain things. Just my two cents on it.
  • I already stated that by allowing Perry to be a part of this performance that it should be required for him to be a part of the rest of the performances. If the producers allow him to sit out some more it would be unfair because they just used him to get more points with the judges and fans. I know he’s injured and “oh he can't dance while injured.” Well, tonight proved he could, even in a small way.
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