Sunday, May 29, 2011

Freeze's report on the ABDC Battle Challenge

The task for tonight was to redo the judge's favorite performance from each crew and make it longer and add more to it.  

IaMmE: Judges chose their S&M performance, the beginning was changed up starting with Chachi being held up and Jaja coming from underneath, they added some different pieces in the middle and after the original ending flip of Emilio he got back up to lengthen the fight scene, it still ended with Chachi knocking all of em out tho :P

ICONic Boyz: Judges chose their Justin Bieber performance, they added a line with their heads going down on the "down down down" part of the song,they added a tutting section, the basketball section was blocked by TMoney and Madison came back to do a dunk, they ended by carrying off one of the members.

At the end the two crews battled it out to each other with Swizz Beats DJ'ing right there on stage with em. The entire battle was pretty much mocking each other, ICONic Boyz brought out a plastic brain and were passing it like it was gross and did the "headspins" from IaMmE's challenge last week. IaMmE had pacifiers in their mouth (i love this part) Emilio showed his Abs as a mock up to ICONic Boyz's week 1 performance, and Moon and Pacman did a back to back arm wave in the front of the stage. (it was hard to see IaMmE's performance since we were on the other side and ICONic Boyz kept on blocking the view) 

Both crews wore the same outfits from their last performances. Throughout the episode they showed clips of what goes on behind the scenes and whats going on back home with the crews and the fan videos that were asked to be sent in. BABDC's own JabbaJake's video was chosen as one for the package. P.S Pacman has a NICE house, makes me jealous. And ICONic Boyz's package pretty much  PROVED their fan base is a bunch of 10 year old girls.

Since it's the special episode and they're the last two crews, the judges didn't even bother to criticize anything. Also Lil Mama looked like Barney with what she was wearing tonight haha.

Also TMONEY TRIED TO STARE ME DOWN. He couldn't stand the IaMmE fans. We got put in the ICONic Boyz section but everyone was yelling "I AM ME I AM ME" except for this one girl behind me who had a really squeaky voice haha that kept on saying "Iconic boyz!" between every I AM ME. I kept shaking my head with a "you shouldn't be here" look and he kept staring at me back with a "yes we should" head nod. 2 minutes it went on and i won it! >:]

Every time someone yelled out "ICONIC BOYZ" the "I AM ME I AM ME I AM ME" chants would start and drown it out completely. The crowd was pretty much 85% IaMmE 15% ICONic Boyz -- 5% coming from their friends and family. What really got the crowed riled up was when ICONic Boyz's parents started going all cheerleader on us and chanted "Lets go ICONic Boyz lets go! -stomp stomp-" Then the IaMmE chants just got super loud. I can honestly say i lost my voice tonight yelling out "IaMmE" for 3 hours haha. 

To clear things up, IaMmE had no part in any of the crowd antics last night, they were professional and got on stage and did what they were supposed to do. They even hugged the Iconic Boyz after the battle. I think what caused so much commotion was the fact that they divided the areas into IME and IB sections yet they put the audience wherever. And consider that the majority of the audience was IME fans many got put into IB sections which caused a lot of restlessness. and as CrazedBeats said there was really no booing except for that noticeable three that he stated. The majority of the night was filled with IaMmE chants. As stated though we were at one end of the audience so we were we didnt really hear the other side. Alot of the yelling was random as well. I heard people yell out "DTRIX!! JABBAWOCKEEZ! KOALA DANCE BOTS!" and all this random stuff. But about one of the IB crying i have no information regarding that. Possibly an unruley fan stayed behind and said something but neither I or CrazedBeats saw anything of the sort.
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